7 things you might not know about your butt

7 things you might not know about your butt
7 things you might not know about your butt

The place where the back loses its noble name is undeservedly underestimated. They say that there is no such organ, but there is only a "thickened upper part of the leg." As a curse it is used. "How are you? - Full ass. - Clear. And besides problems with the figure, what's new? Meanwhile, this is a very important area of ​​the body that requires proper care and attention. In order not to find adventure… To your sirloin.

7 things you might not know about your butt

1. The glutes are one of the most powerful muscles in the human body. Just think: your ass should not only allow your hips to move, but also straighten and hold your torso. Even if it is small, it is still very strong, because it has such a load.

2. Your soft spot is probably fuller than your boyfriend's, because your estrogen tells fat to accumulate in this area first of all. Nature should have taken care to balance the center heaviness of the female body in case of pregnancy. And the male body is programmed to send excess fat to the stomach, so often a man acquires a belly, while maintaining almost the same size of the buttocks.

3. The bigger the butt, the smarter the mistress.A woman with a full butt has more omega-3 fatty acids, which promote brain development, according to Oxford University studies (why then are there so many smart and slim women? Well, it's not the only factor that affects IQ.)

4. Wiping your butt with baby wipes can be unsafe (although it's handy when camping or on the road). There are many allergy sufferers among us, and the chemistry with which wet wipes are impregnated can cause an allergic reaction. So regular toilet paper is much safer.

5. Skin cancer can even occur on the butt, never seen the sun. So check yourself with a mirror from time to time.

6. Sexual attraction to the buttocks is called pygophilia. So, in case you want to screw in a conversation.

7. Women with big butts also have a lower risk of serious illness. The same Oxford study found that women with thick buns were less likely to get diabetes and heart disease, although these things tend to and are associated with obesity. In general, fat deposits in the lower back produce fewer substances that can lead to diabetes. Therefore, if the main fat reserve is concentrated there, it is safer than fat around the waist. So thanks to the bumper for taking the hit!

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