7 simple ideas for pleasant smells in your home

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7 simple ideas for pleasant smells in your home
7 simple ideas for pleasant smells in your home

These tips will give you the feeling of comfort you'll feel as soon as you walk in.

7 simple ideas for pleasant smells in your home

How to make your home smell good

Now is the time to create smells in it that will please you. How to create a pleasant smell in the house, we will now tell.

Quick way

Place a saucepan of water and a slice of lemon or grapefruit over low heat. Add your favorite herbs - mint, lavender or rose flowers. Do not cover. The house will be filled with a soft pleasant aroma. This method is suitable when you want to create the mood for a party or just for yourself, your loved one. If you have cooked food before, of course, you must first ventilate to remove odors.

Place scented candles

Wax scented candles can smell even if they are not lit. Place the unopened candle on a shelf in your wardrobe or linen drawer. The fabric absorbs aromas well, and every time you take out the laundry you will feel a light wave of a pleasant smell. And your bedding will store it too.

Bathroom ideas and more

And what to do if you did not find candles with your favorite smell on sale? You can buy aromatic oils and apply them on a cotton pad, or better a cotton ball. A small vase or bowl filled with scented cotton balls is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for any place in your home, be it the bathroom or the living room.

Car air freshener

You can hang the air freshener you like near the air vent or grate that brings air into your home. Then the whole room will be filled with an unobtrusive smell. You should not hang it on the ventilation grills in the bathroom or in the kitchen, they serve to extract air, so most of the smell will simply fly away into the pipe.

Indoor plants

If you like to take care of flowers, you can plant scented plants such as geranium, Arabian jasmine, indoor eucalyptus, gardenia or Cuban oregano on the windowsill. They will provide a pleasant smell at home!

Turn on the oven

Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked goods. You don't have to come up with something complicated. Simple cinnamon rolls, ready mix muffin or banana cookies will fill your home with warmth and comfort. If you don’t like to cook at all, frozen puff pastry will come to your rescue. Just sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on a defrosted dough sheet, roll it up and cut into curls with a knife. This will take you one minute. You can bake for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. In addition to the pleasant smell for the house, these unpretentious cookies are also very tasty.

Store fresh sheets in more than just a dresser

It's simple here. If you wash your bedding with air conditioning, it is the sheets and duvet covers that will absorb the most odor. They will become like its batteries. The aroma from them will disappear longer than from smaller things. And if you lay them out after washing not only in the linen drawer, but also, for example, in a wardrobe, they will be able to transfer the aroma to other things. And every time you open the cabinet doors, you will fill the room with a new portion of freshness.

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