How to style a girl's hair to school: 6 hairstyle ideas with photos

How to style a girl's hair to school: 6 hairstyle ideas with photos
How to style a girl's hair to school: 6 hairstyle ideas with photos

Ponytails and pigtails, ponytails and pigtails - such "styling" most girls wear to school every day. We have selected several options for comfortable yet stylish hairstyles that your daughters will surely like. And most importantly, all styling is easy to perform!

6 simple and very cute hairstyles for school


Two braids pulled together is a neat hairstyle that is perfect for those with long hair.

1. Separate two strands. Take one and twist the hair inward, form bundles. Do the same manipulations on the other side.

2. Connect, secure with an elastic band, over which twist the hair. Tail comb. It can also be wound on a curling iron.

Lamb braids

Baranki - the easiest weaving option. This hairstyle always looks spectacular, besides, it is ideal for school - the hair is pulled back and does not fall into the eyes.

1. Divide your hair into a straight parting. Make two tails, secure them at the base with an elastic band. Braid the braids.

2. Pull out the outermost strands from the braid to create volume. Wrap the braid around the elastic and secure with invisible hairpins. If you want to make your hair more elegant, use decorative hairpins.

French braid

There are a lot of options for a French braid - weaving can be ordinary (the strands are intertwined on top) or reverse, as in our case.

1. Make a straight cut. French braid on both sides of the face.

2. Divide the strand into three sections. Moving downwards, place the right under the left. In order for the central strand to be on the right, it must also be woven under the bottom. Continue braiding, picking up strands of hair.

3. Collect the braids at the back and fold them together in a chaotic manner or in the form of a bun or basket. Secure with hairpins.

Hair bows

The huge bows that mothers used to put on their heads have sunk into oblivion. Today, bows made from your own hair are in fashion.

1. Part your hair. Separate a strand of any size (its width depends on how wide you want the bow).

2. Twist the strand around 4 fingers. Carefully remove them and secure the resulting roller with silicone rubber. You can secure the bow with a pin or leave it loose.

Bunch of braids

A bun made of two braids is suitable for a special occasion.

1. Part your hair in two with a side part.

2. On the left side, braid the braid and secure it in the form of a bun at the crown. Next, start weaving the spikelet on the other side. Secure with a rubber band. Braid the rest of your hair into a regular braid, then wrap it around the first bun and secure with hairpins.

Intricate braid

This weaving option will take longer, but the result is definitely worth the effort.

1. Highlight the area of ​​the bangs to the back of the head. Tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail.

2. In the parietal zone, braid a spikelet of two strands. Secure with an elastic band.

3. Braid the tail. Connect the spikelet to the braid at its base with a bow of hair and beautiful hair accessories.

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