Pillow - under the ear, a blanket on top. Choosing the Right

Pillow - under the ear, a blanket on top. Choosing the Right
Pillow - under the ear, a blanket on top. Choosing the Right

The right pillow, made of quality materials, will help the body to assume an anatomically correct position, and a good blanket will provide optimal warming and “make sure that the body receives enough oxygen and nutrients to optimize all metabolic processes.

Pillow - under the ear, a blanket on top. Choosing the Right


The second most important item after the mattress: its orthopedic characteristics and composition directly affect the he alth and quality of sleep. Comfort and well-being in the morning depend on the comfortable position of the head and neck. The pillow must be selected individually. Before buying a pillow, ask yourself: what position do you like to sleep in?

How to choose

It is important that the pillow keeps the head in line with the spine and prevents excessive neck tilt. If you sleep on your back, choose a pillow of medium or high elasticity, those who like to sleep on their side will need an elastic pillow, and on the stomach - a low and soft pillow, as less support will be needed.


A properly selected blanket maintains an optimal microclimate during sleep, absorbs and evaporates moisture well. The choice of duvet depends on individual preferences to age, the average temperature in the bedroom and the time of year. In our country with a contrasting climate, the blanket should change with the seasons.

How to choose

Pay attention to the heat scale, which is placed on the package. It presents all options: summer, light, all-weather, warm or very warm. After choosing the degree of warmth, think about the materials for the cover and filler. The three most important factors are padding density, fabric density and budget.

Choice of filler

Goose down is the softest and most breathable filler.

Camel wool has healing and prophylactic properties.

Sheep wool creates dry warmth and breathes to help wick away excess heat and moisture.

Cashmere - very light, refined and most expensive fiber.

Selecting a case

Silk is famous for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

Cotton Ideal for sensitive skin prone to allergies, known for its absorbent and thermoregulating properties.

Tencel combines the softness, strength and comfort of organic cotton.

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