A few signs that he won't cheat on you

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A few signs that he won't cheat on you
A few signs that he won't cheat on you

Based on research and statistics

A few signs that he will not deceive you

Of course, there is no reliable way to predict the behavior of each person in a particular situation. But it is possible to suggest a greater or lesser likelihood of such behavior, using knowledge of the characteristics and inclinations that can push a person to deception. Or vice versa, have a more relaxed relationship, knowing the signs of a true partner.

You make the same money

A recent American Sociological Review found that cheating is less likely to occur in a relationship if both partners' incomes are the same or comparable. Men, if they earn significantly more or significantly less than their wife, tend to hide part of their income. Therefore, if you have the same salaries, the statistics are in favor of the strength of your relationship.

His friends are faithful to their wives

A person tends to communicate with his own kind. And if in the circle of his friends going to the left is the norm, if it is acceptable for them, it will be easier for him to justify himself in his own eyes when he himself goes to the left. And vice versa. If his friends are exemplary family men, most likely your husband is trustworthy in this matter.

He feels you love and trust him

According to research conducted by Harry Newman, marriage counselor and best-selling author of The Theory of Change, most men do not engage in extramarital affairs because of sexual dissatisfaction. They seek emotional fulfillment.

He gets turned on easily

And not only in bed, but in life. Short temper and excitability in most cases depend on the level of testosterone. And he is known as a hormone that has a depressing effect on the parts of the brain responsible for fantasy and fiction. Simply put, testosterone is the hormone of truth. Your stallion simply does not physically know how to lie smoothly and therefore, most likely, he will not undertake it. That is, he is in principle capable of changing something, but he is practically not able to lie about it.

He is not an alcoholic

And also has no painful addictions to drugs or games. People suffering from these addictions are very resourceful and resourceful in hiding their vices. And having such a skill, it's a sin not to use it right and left.

These were proven signs of honesty in a relationship.

And now a short list of characteristics that do not affect honesty in any way, contrary to common misconceptions.

Does not affect honesty in any way:

- Whether he is a believer, regardless of religion, or an atheist.

- That he lied as a kid because kids all lie and it's part and parcel of their development.

- There is no relationship between being an extrovert or an introvert and his ability to deceive. Rather, it is constantly asserted that it is, but extroverts blame introverts and vice versa. But there is simply no convincing research on this topic.

- It doesn't matter if he grew up in the countryside, in a small town or in a metropolis.

- It doesn't matter what his profession is, legal, of course. Sales assistants, who by all accounts should be suspected of duplicity, can be super-professionals in sales and at the same time they will never be dishonest in their lives.

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