Zhanna Friske's father cannot recover from a heart attack

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Zhanna Friske's father cannot recover from a heart attack
Zhanna Friske's father cannot recover from a heart attack

The singer's father was recently released from the hospital after suffering a heart attack. But after a while, on the set of the program “Live”, where Vladimir Kopylov talked about financial proceedings with Rusfond and his son-in-law Dmitry Shepelev, he again felt bad.

Zhanna Friske's father can't recover from a heart attack

Recently, the father of the singer Zhanna Friske Vladimir Kopylov was hospitalized with a heart attack. It turned out to be too difficult for him to survive all the tests that fell upon him: the death of his daughter, financial proceedings with Rusfond and constant conflicts with his son-in-law, showman Dmitry Shepelev. But, despite his failing he alth, after a week in the hospital, the man was allowed to go home. A few days later he became ill again. It happened on the set of the program "Live", where Vladimir came to tell the truth about the waste of money raised for Friske's treatment, and proceedings with Shepelev, who, according to the singer's relatives, does not them to see the only son of Jeanne Plato.

Recall that Rusfond demanded that the singer's family and her de facto husband Dmitry report on the spending of the money left after the death of the artist in the amount of more than 20 million rubles collected for her treatment by the whole country. The showman said that he never had access to these funds and there was nothing to report to him. And Kopylov said: “We received money from Rusfond in February 2014. And then the first payment from this money was made. I have medicines, probably worth 9 million rubles, which remained unused. My youngest daughter Natasha has now given a lot to the children's oncology center. Together with friends, she brought medicines and money to the children. And we still have expensive medicines that we want to give to sick kids.”

Vladimir also noted that in order to save the life of his own daughter, he sold his entire business, but the proceeds were not enough for her treatment. And then Shepelev offered to turn to Jeanne's friends for help. That is how, according to the singer's father, the collection of money for the artist began. And at the end of the program, the man said that he and his family blame Dmitry for wasting Friske's funds, accumulated by her during her career, and those that were collected for her by the whole country. According to Kopylov, the showman invested most of these funds in the construction of a mansion in the Moscow region. And with these words, Vladimir felt bad, he again began to experience severe pain in the heart area, so he had to leave the studio urgently.

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