20 brilliant answers to the question: “Why the hell did you buy this?”

20 brilliant answers to the question: “Why the hell did you buy this?”
20 brilliant answers to the question: “Why the hell did you buy this?”

You couldn't resist again and after work looked into the mall, which you then left with a couple of packages in your hands? And at home, meanwhile, a rhetorical question awaits you: “And why do you need this dress/shoes/hat?”

20 brilliant answers to the question: “What the hell did you buy this for?”

How not to buy too much, or how to properly justify your purchases

We have prepared 20 brilliant excuses for your purchase, which you can not argue with - remember them soon!

I can wear it with anything

Is this top perfect for your work jeans, trousers, sleeveless vest, biker jacket, miniskirt and overalls? Then not buying it would be just insulting to all your other things!

This item can be worn both top and bottom

Functionality fully justifies your spontaneous purchases: things-transformers can be a salvation in the next recurrence of the "nothing to wear" situation.

It's super trendy right now

Everyone has suede skirts, and do you rightly think that they are no worse than your friends? Agree. But before such a purchase, still think over several combinations with a thing for the future.

There was a huge discount on it

True, there is a big “but” here, which you should not forget yourself: a truly ugly dress will not become more beautiful because you bought it at a 70% discount. Buying something "just because it's cheap" is one of the worst shopping mistakes.

I can always take it back to the store

The possibility of a return exists not only for a suddenly discovered marriage, but also so that you can safely try on a thing at home with your favorite jeans and make a final decision.

"This thing is an "investment!"

If you can afford to buy an expensive branded item that has already become a fashion classic, do it!

Yes, I already have 5 pairs of boats, but not in this color

There's nothing wrong with duplicating your favorite silhouettes and shapes in multiple colors.

I'll save more on sweets and lose weight

Spent an indecent amount? Well, next week no daily cheesecakes in addition to lunch!

I haven't bought anything this year yet

And yes, it really justifies your spending - you need to please yourself with something!

It's basic, it never goes out of style

A basic wardrobe is essential for absolutely every girl. So never think twice before adding to your "base".

I can wear this next year

At this point, the main thing is that this answer turned out to be true (or you yourself believed in it).

I've been looking for this fuchsia and fringe mini dress for a long time

Of course, we exaggerate, but in case of an unexpected pleasant find in your favorite store, the money is still worth spending. Not the fact that the thing will be able to wait for you until the end of the month.

Beyoncé wore the same dress to the MTV Awards

Beyoncé's default dress cannot be a mistaken purchase.

Today is payday

You felt as rich as the aforementioned Beyoncé and decided to go all the way - buy a dress like hers (see point above).

Just imagine if you divide the price by the number of times I'll wear it…

…it's practically free. Free, Carl!

There was a promotion

Of course, you brought home four identical t-shirts for a reason: by the way, you got the fourth one for free!

I was invited to a wedding/birthday/christening

It's not your fault that friends are always having some kind of holiday - you can't go everywhere in the same dress.

This is my new style purchase

Changes (including in the image) are priceless. You can't measure them with money!

This is compensation

Did you go to the gym on the weekend/help your mom dig up half of the dacha/after six months finish painting the bathroom door? You deserve a mini shopping!

I paid for this with a credit card, so it doesn't count

Still, clothes on credit are not the best idea, so let this excuse be an isolated case.

Do you now need advice on how not to buy unnecessary things? After all, there is a great excuse for everything!

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