I'm Not Guilty: Confessions of an Unfaithful Wife

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I'm Not Guilty: Confessions of an Unfaithful Wife
I'm Not Guilty: Confessions of an Unfaithful Wife

Many of us in childhood think: I will grow up and be a good wife. The very best! I will never cheat, I will surround my husband with attention and care, he will also love me and buy me boots. Blue. But a person, as they say, assumes … Our heroine also dreamed of becoming a good wife in her childhood. And now she calls herself a “serial cheater” and explains how she came to such a life.

I'm Not Guilty: Confessions of an Unfaithful Wife

"I didn't plan on cheating on my husbands. Once upon a time, I thought that I was not capable of such a thing. But life corrects our plans: I was married twice and cheated on both husbands. I'm not proud of it, although I always admitted to what I did.

Everything starts with an emotional attraction: you meet someone special, and a spark of interest runs between you. But the fact that I even looked at another man at all is the result of unmet emotional or sexual needs in a primary relationship. That's why I cheated.

I got married for the first time at 23, which was too early for me, although all my friends were already married, and I met a nice, fun guy. I constantly heard that you should marry your best friend, which I did. This was a huge mistake. I did not take into account that it is not enough to be friends with this person and experience a fleeting attraction to him - you also need to love him.

I cheated the first time because I fell in love with someone else. My marriage turned out to be not at all what I expected, and by the first anniversary I was fed up. We divorced a year later. He was not to blame for anything and did nothing wrong, I just felt that he was not the person with whom I was ready to spend the rest of my days. There was no sexual "chemistry" left between us, I did not love him at all. When I met another man, I immediately realized that my feelings for him are exactly what I should have experienced in marriage. We waited until I divorced to start an intimate relationship, but from an emotional point of view, our romance began almost immediately after we met.

When I was 27, we got married, but more than ten years later I got divorced again.

I cheated on him several times, we broke up and tried to start another relationship, then we got back together. For a while everything was fine, but it did not last long and again ended in betrayal. Everything else in our relationship was wonderful: we got along great, loved each other, were best friends and were each other's best support and support. But the sexual connection is long dead. She was already limping when we got married and gradually faded over time.

Our sexual appetites varied greatly. He had enough a couple of times a year. I need it several times a week. We discussed it, we fought about it, we went to the doctors, and nothing changed for more than a couple of weeks. Rejection followed rejection, one night after another I fell asleep in tears, did not come out of depression and finally gave up.

I stayed with him for so long because everything else was excellent. I still love him and will always love him. But my needs were ignored, declared strange and unrealistic. Yes, I want to be regularly satisfied. I will not refuse small role-playing games. Spank me, it will be cool! Take me, do whatever you want with me! Now tell me, how could you never do any of this and hope that I will stay with you? What should a girl do in such a situation?

No, I don't want to have sex with anyone. I tried random dating sites and was terribly disappointed. I want a real intimate relationship where the sex is wonderful. I'm not going to make love to some jerk who sends me messages: "hello kitty ass?" Thank you, this is without me.

Now I know that I only think about cheating if something goes wrong in my relationship. I have a choice: discuss the problem with my soulmate, consult with family psychologist, start working on relationships - or do what I want, and come what may. Sometimes you act like an adult and try to solve a problem. Sometimes you just go and fulfill your needs. It all depends on your feelings, the strength of the relationship, the strength of desire and how you see your future. This is a very difficult choice.

Before you condemn infidelity - think about what it is dictated by.

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