15 things we will never stop doing. Because we are girls

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15 things we will never stop doing. Because we are girls
15 things we will never stop doing. Because we are girls

Being a girl is great. We don’t know how things are with the boys there, but we do quite a lot for one reason only: because we are girls. And point. And you know what? We don't care what they think about it. We will never stop doing this. For example, we will never stop exclaiming “Oh, everyone!”. Well, and here are these 15 things we also did, do and will do. How!

15 things we will never stop doing. Because we are girls!

Check if it suits us according to the horoscope

This needs to be figured out right away! The question "When is your birthday?" is the third question on the first date. And that's not enough? What if he is some kind of Capricorn in the bad sense of the word? Yes, yes, we know that horoscopes lie. So what? Did it work last time? Same thing.

Imagine your future wedding

The role of the groom is usually some famous handsome man or the dude we would marry if we could buy him plug-in brains. Actually, the groom in these fantasies is a purely symbolic figure. The main thing is the dress, hairstyle and organization of the celebration. Hollywood divas cry bloody tears of envy - this is our wedding, uh-huh.

Cry and look at yourself in the mirror

Oh, cruel fate, why are you so unkind to me?! Do you see how I suffer?! No, this burden is too heavy for my fragile shoulders … Ayyyy. Well, something like that, in general. The performance usually ends when more snot flows. So ugly and uninteresting. Phew.

Take a selfie

About 100,500 selfies in 15 minutes for no reason. Not because I came to an interesting place, not because I put on a beautiful dress, not because I haven’t updated Instagram for a long time. Just 100500 selfies. No, we are not afraid that tomorrow our face will fall off. Just if you can take a selfie, then why not, huh?

View the pages of the former in social networks

Well, of course, those former ones who turned into bald ghouls, pot-bellied gnomes and nasty old men. It's so nice to look and think: "Thank the gods, I kicked him out in time!"

Read Wikipedia for hours

Do you know how meerkats differ from yellow mongooses? Not? And we - yes! True, we have no idea why we suddenly got carried away reading about them. It's somehow on its own.

Fake orgasm

Listen, well, stand up, pull up your underpants and say, "You know, honey, this is all very nice, of course, but somehow about nothing," it's cruel after all. We are kind. Very.

Call yourself mom

Although, of course, even in a nightmare we could not dream that we gave birth to a seven-kilogram cat with the face of Valuev. But we still take him in our arms, saying: “Go to mommy, my good one!”

Push pimples

Hands off! Hands off our sacred right to pick out any unnecessary badness from our own faces!

Eating Nutella with your finger from a jar

And who hates to look, he does not understand anything in life. Here in general.

Buying shoes you can't walk in

Well, just think - grief. But in them you can beautifully stand in front of the mirror and imagine that you are on the red carpet.

Keep your baby dress

In a strawberry. In this dress, maybe the first love happened! Right next to the thickets of nettles, which, of course, we would never have climbed into in such a beautiful dress. Oh, go away, my favorite ball! But what is it? A brave hero with a shovel at the ready dives bravely into the burning jungle … In general, no, we will not forget it. And don't throw away the dress. Never.

Shave legs in parts

Only shins, because the skirt is knee-length anyway. Rationality is our middle name, you know.

Take nude photos

First, it's beautiful…

Roll up scandals

Oh everyone!

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