11 Signs He Doesn't Consider You

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11 Signs He Doesn't Consider You
11 Signs He Doesn't Consider You

You have the right to demand respect for yourself. But it is better not to wait until these demands turn into a scandal. Try to calmly conclude a pact of mutual respect at the first sign that your partner has little regard for your interests. If a man does not respect a woman, you can accumulate resentment for years, until you break out on your own: “Ah, you don’t consider me! You don't appreciate me! You take for granted everything I do!” How to determine that it's time for you to tell him: "You know, I don't want one person in our relationship to pull the blanket over himself"? And in general - do you need such a relationship?

11 Signs He Doesn't Consider You

When to end a relationship

1. It's normal for him that you both spend time with his friends or family - but not with yours. He doesn't even ask you if you're going to a birthday or a wedding with him, and immediately accepts an invitation for two - you default to his "+1". But if you want to invite a friend, he rolls his eyes and says, “She's not my friend.”

2. If you once cooked him dinner, he thinks that now you always have to cook for him. He takes it for granted, and therefore does not feel any gratitude for caring. He gets angry if you didn't have time to cook, clean, wash his pants.

3. You live by his schedule. Meet when he can make time for you, never the other way around. If you need help with the move, he is "busy" and is only released when it's time for a housewarming party.

4. He's ignoring your calls (simply because he's too lazy to chat or meet right now). Not in the sense that he needs a break from the relationship. He just doesn't feel like talking right now. And then he starts to come up with some idiotic excuses, as if he was sleeping, although it was at 7 pm.

5. You feel like a call girl even though you're in a serious relationship. Sometimes it feels like he only calls you when he wants you to come over and have sex.

6. He acts like a spoiled brat when he doesn't get what he wants. And if he agrees to do something that he does not want to do himself, then he is in a bad mood all the way until you regret a hundred times that you asked him for something. He secretly hopes that now you will never again ask him to go to the movie "about love" with you or hang a curtain rod.

7. Your meetings are not so much romantic evenings as lounging on the couch. Why should he plan how to please and surprise you, if you agree to this? There is nothing wrong with watching TV together, but if you told him that you would like to spend your leisure time in some more interesting way, and he did not scratch himself, this is a reason to think.

8. Oral sex you have one-sided: always - you to him, and never - he to you. And he doesn't care if you finished or how. If a man doesn't respect you, sex ends when he orgasms.

9. You won't get compliments from him. Some guys aren't very good at giving compliments or expressing their feelings, but if he doesn't even try, what a mess!

10. He just doesn't listen to you when you share your plans with him. Don't confuse this with the usual forgetfulness that happens to everyone. He just doesn't take the trouble to sit and listen and easily makes his plans for the day you asked to go somewhere with you.

11. He makes big decisions without even consulting him. And he just puts you in front of the fact that he has decided to move to the other side of the city, for example. What for? This is his life, and you somehow adjust.

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