7 female qualities that annoy everyone

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7 female qualities that annoy everyone
7 female qualities that annoy everyone

On the Web you can find a lot of articles on the topic "Feminine qualities that annoy men" or "What annoys men in women." Very interesting, of course, but most women do not care what annoys some abstract men there - why even know about them? Let them irritate themselves in splendid isolation. But for some reason, no one writes about typically feminine qualities that annoy everyone in general. But something really needs to be done about this.

7 female qualities that annoy everyone

What annoys men about women


Hiding emotions is bad. Psychologists have long proven that this can lead to very serious consequences, such as depression. But pouring water out of your eyes on every occasion is also, perhaps, not worth it. People just don't know how to react to this. It was possible to sing in childhood: “Cry-baby-wax-shoe shoe, hot pancake on the nose!”, And now what to do? Now you need to get involved. But the problem is that we don’t want to show it at all: even in childhood we understood that the crybaby was simply manipulating others, and now we know this for sure. And so - stop whining! Such women annoy everyone.


This is generally a very mysterious word, because it is not clear what exactly it means. Especially if you look at social networks - the pages of some ladies are full of statuses in the spirit: "I'm a bitch and I'm proud of it!" Let's agree that bitchiness is a habit of weaving intrigues, criticizing evil, scandalous and talking nasty things about others. To be proud of this is at least strange, especially when you consider how others react to such behavior: they simply scatter as far as possible. If this is not possible, they reciprocate the bitch to the best of their ability. And they get irritated. Very irritated. No, it’s not that this is a typical female trait, just bitchy men either find themselves some one niche for the manifestation of this muck (usually a career), or they are quickly put in their place by the environment (usually in the form of a friendly fist that flew into the jaw).


What annoys men the most about women? Many say that talkativeness. Not the endless monologue that women are able to conduct without looking up from the case, namely the inability to keep their mouths shut when necessary. To blurt out someone else's secret from nothing to do, because by the way it was necessary - yes, easily. For the sake of a red word, to print relatives and friends is also for a sweet soul. It would be strange if there was a person in the world who might like it.


Also seems to be a non-gender concept, but no: men usually impose themselves on the object of their adoration, even if it has already set bear traps around itself and loaded a shotgun with table s alt. It is clear that this can only irritate that unfortunate woman who is not lucky enough to become an “object”. Well, and her immediate environment. In general, men endure loneliness much easier: “Don’t want to see me? Well, fools themselves, you don’t understand what you have lost! A very comfortable position. It would be nice for women to take it into service. Because if a woman does not want to recognize, she will not take into account such a trifle. He will call, invite to visit and come, “falling on the tail” of mutual friends, write meaningless messages on Facebook and start long conversations when they meet randomly. And she won’t get rid of it until she is directly told: “Yes, I don’t want to be friends with you, what don’t you understand ?!” However, even after that it is not a fact that he will get rid of it. Terrible.


A man with an ulcer is just a child compared to a woman who just decided to prick out of boredom. So the stronger sex can move - they have not grown up to the basics of applied slander. Whether it's a woman's business: it's a pleasure to listen to how they are able to apply someone. One, two - and then all. Then it is no longer possible to listen. Because a woman is carried, and she is ready to sting anyone just for the love of art. And this is too disgusting, especially when the evil-tongued maiden clings to those who simply cannot answer her. What a muck, fu.


No matter what to provoke, just to provoke - this is a typical female story. Oh, this, of course, is very cool - to attract attention to yourself with your appearance, statements or behavior. The problem is that if you do not know the boundaries, this very attention will become necessary, like air. And others will have to endure provocative antics, because where can they go? It is quite understandable why women are annoying. Thirsty for a lively reaction, the virgin will not provoke anyone in a dark corner. She will go out into the public and there will give heat. And those around you will experience a feeling for which there is no right word in Russian. This is the same feeling when a stranger does something, but for some reason you are ashamed of it. Terrible, terrible feeling.


Special, truly feminine hypocrisy. The one that "I'm not like that, I'm waiting for the tram." This is especially evident on the Web - here, after all, no one can grab your hand and say: “Stop flooding, you do the same thing all the time.” On the Web, you can stigmatize "sluts", "bad mothers", "fat ugly" - yes, you can stigmatize anyone here, hiding behind your own photograph of a decade ago. And she will still tell everyone that here she is - no, no, not like that at all. Yes of course. Stop just telling everyone around about it, because these unfortunates are also forced to hypocrisy in response - that is, to pretend to be complete idiots. Well, because only an idiot is able to see the truth in this, and not the kindergarten mantra “But Sonya from the fifth group is burry and a fool, and let him choke on his pink sandals, I don’t want those at all, here! I don't want one bit!"

What do you think annoys men about women?

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