5 myths about relationships that keep us from enjoying them

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5 myths about relationships that keep us from enjoying them
5 myths about relationships that keep us from enjoying them

Stereotypes are the harmful ability of our brain to program itself into something very unpleasant, but seemingly inevitable. We found 5 erroneous stereotypes about relationships between men and women that can only ruin everything.

5 relationship myths that prevent us from enjoying them

Everything changes after marriage

Most often such thoughts - by no means in a positive way - occur in men. “She will get fat, she will start sawing me, it will not be possible to leave the house without the permission of her wife. And you have to forget about friends. Forever.”

But in fact, this happens extremely rarely, and there is no fault of the stamp in the passport. In the end, there can be no magic for the seal to spoil the life of lovers. But there is no smoke without fire: after the wedding, a lot really changes. Not everything, but something: for example, now you are one, although you remain two persons. Soon you may have children that will change everything even more. But these are all positive changes that are a natural process of growing up and living.

All women want a baby

Every person thinks about children, be it a man or a woman. Sooner or later, everyone comes to the conclusion that they are ready to give the world a new person - with ears like mom's and handles like dad's. But to say that the maternal instinct is inherent in everyone who enters childbearing age is simply utter nonsense. Today there are a lot of women who seek to realize themselves in other roles: a respectable wife, a careerist, a traveler. And children for them will not be synonymous with happiness.

All women are looking for a rich man

Spiritually rich - here without a doubt. But the financial condition does not affect every woman, even more so: more and more women seek to independently achieve financial independence or become part of the success of their man.

On the other hand, this stereotype has the right to life: a woman is looking for a we althy man, but not for a new fur coat or another pair of shoes, but for a sense of security. And this security is manifested in the fact that her children will not starve, they will always have something to wear and what to send the kids to the summer camp.

All men cheat

Supposedly, men sometimes need to take a walk on the side, they are all polygamous. But we, women, want to find one and forever. Perhaps it was once so. But there is no scientific evidence that males NEED to impregnate all the females on the nearby land. And a couple more at the resort to "mark" the territory.

Men love to counter with such arguments that "you can't argue against nature", and the animal instinct is inherent in every man. But evolution has given man an amazing ability to think, assess the situation and make decisions at the level of consciousness, not instincts. Therefore, polygamy is a man's choice, and not his need and nature.

Women have their own logic

Female and male thinking really differ, but the notorious "female logic" is a collective image of a certain fool who cannot find a neighboring street without a navigator, presses the gas instead of the brake, and in general, in all matters requiring feasible intellectual abilities, fails. And so what can be expected from us foolish girls? Of course, nothing - except to cook borscht and stamp children every year.

But women have long proved that even if "female logic" exists, it is in no way inferior to male: every year the number of women in leadership positions increases, there are more and more doctors of sciences among women and more and more skilled motorists.

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