Things to take out of the bathroom

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Things to take out of the bathroom
Things to take out of the bathroom

So that they do not leave you untimely, after a severe and prolonged illness.

Things to remove from the bathroom


No, those that you, your husband and your dog are using right now (judging by the wool on the loom) - they do not need to be removed. But spare blades for machines should be stored in a dry place, otherwise you risk finding that a brand new unused machine shaves noticeably worse and is a little rusty.

However, a sealed bag with a zipper will also cope with this task. But the machines used make sense after, immediately after shaving, rinse and dry from water. Blow with a hair dryer for a couple of seconds or sharply shake the drops from the machine, the movement with which you shake off a thermometer.

Electronics not specifically designed for wet areas

Do you like listening to music while you shower? You have a non-illusory risk of ruining delicate equipment without even dropping it into the water. Enough moisture vapor that will oxidize the contacts and sooner or later put your phone or player out of action.

By the way, about electrical appliances and their dangers

Contrary to the common movie cliché in which a person taking a bath is killed by dropping a switched on hair dryer into the water, it is very difficult to kill in this way. But the risk is still there. Several factors must coincide at once, which, for obvious reasons, we will not give here.

In reality, you are more likely to stutter and have a nervous tic, because the short circuit is very noisy. And at this moment knocks out traffic jams. That's another firework - a loud flash and darkness, if you have all the electrical wiring in the house wound up from one machine, which often happens in old houses.

The device, of course, will be hopelessly damaged.

Decorative cosmetics

It should be stored at room temperature, not in constant heat and humidity fluctuations. Your eye shadow and lipstick may simply go bad before you use them. Moreover, you will not even suspect about it until you find irritation on your face.

Nail polish should also be stored at room temperature, otherwise it will begin to delaminate prematurely.


Yes, yes, we all know that this locker with a mirror in everyday life is called a "first aid kit". But if you carefully look at the instructions for any medicine, you will find that it must be stored "in a dry and cool place." The bathroom is definitely neither.

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