10 qualities we miss so much in men

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10 qualities we miss so much in men
10 qualities we miss so much in men

Men often say that we ourselves do not know what we want from them. From what? We know very well. We just don't always know how to say it in order to be properly understood. Therefore, they wrote what is missing in a man.

10 qualities we miss so much in men

What qualities should a man have


Science fact: A woman needs to talk in order to think. This is how our thinking is arranged, so we constantly conduct a fascinating internal monologue. But it must be fed, otherwise thoughts will stall. And here, you see, an owl in headphones is sitting next to him and, at best, mumbles: “Yes, dear … Yes, dear … What did you say, dear?” A man who is able to insert more or less meaningful remarks into our monologue is already good, but a man who is always open to dialogue is just some kind of holiday! But, alas, a museum rarity. And then we are told that we cannot be understood. And then we are told about women's logic. It would be better if they just said something more often, huh?


What qualities do women value in a man? Life credo "As I say, so be it!" for some reason it is considered a sign of masculinity. A real man, he said how he cut off! Well, in general, yes, cut off. The branch on which he sat. We have all been burned more than once, entering into relationships with men who are not capable of compromise, and these relationships have never ended in a fabulous "and they lived happily ever after." Time and effort is only a pity spent on this misunderstanding. It would be better if this quality of a man was less common, yes.


Remember the joke about the woman in the gas mask? "Darling, don't you notice anything?" - "Did you pluck your eyebrows?" Mindfulness is the quality of a real man, which can be developed if you try. This is important for us, because it is just inborn in us and inattention upsets us. And then throwing slogans on the subject “A woman must do this and that” is welcome, but how to pay attention to what is happening to us in general, so all of a sudden the Blind Moles became gentlemen. Knock knock, are you all at home? And then a swallow has already flown over our soul. Then you will wonder how it happened that Thumbelina ran away to Elf in leggings.


As they say, don't make an idiot out of me, I'm already quite an idiot. In the sense that we ourselves know how to catch up with horror better than your brother, yeah. A woman, thinking about any situation, first of all calculates how she can threaten her. This is a normal natural mechanism: we are initially much more vulnerable, because we had to carry a cub on our back for three years, and then move at its speed for another five years - frankly speaking, this speed did not allow us to feel safe. At the same time, it must be fed, protected and trained. At the same time, saber-toothed tigers roam around, and the weather promises crop failure. And not to say that something has changed a lot since then, so the mechanism continues to work. We are pessimists, such things. An optimistic man who is able to somehow dilute all this decay with his presence is just a gift, not a man. So the best qualities of a man are the ability to see the good side in everything.

Adequate self-esteem

It doesn't matter whether a man's self-esteem is high or low - neither is better, both are worse. A man with inflated self-esteem is the same log on the couch that has been lying there for seven years, covered with moss and wondering why he, the owner of an outstanding mind and talent, is not offered the position of the Chief Chief with a salary of at least a million rubles. And he won’t go to work as a taxi driver for 30 thousand, no. Although, in fact, only this he at the very least knows how to do. A man with low self-esteem is a stuffy whiner, for whom you need to jump on one leg all your life, because the second will have to give him life-giving kicks. Very tiring, you know.


No. No, we do not understand why we can assemble and disassemble the pyramid 240 times so that a one-year-old baby understands how it is done, but you do not. No, it's not because men and women are wired differently. You can sit and poke for hours on the water, in order to eventually catch some unfortunate goat, which the world's hungriest cat will disdain. No, it's not "completely different". It's exactly the same.


If you look at these internets of yours - there are only jocks around, hipsters and lambersexuals, what a delight. You will go down to the subway and you will regret it, oh, how you will regret that at the lessons of life safety at school you chatted with your girlfriends instead of listening to the teacher. Because even if we are all given, finally, free gas masks, all the same, God knows how to use them. But you must. Really needed. All right, all right, all of you are not like that, you all observe elementary hygiene, and these stinkers with the hands of a digger and with mushroom lands on their feet were thrown to us by the Martians in order to demoralize us and treacherously capture.


Sometimes it seems that men took responsibility for all the crimes of the Holy Inquisition, they just forgot to tell us. And now they heroically endure the torture that we subject them to: “dripping on their brains” is just the most cruel torture. And it doesn't matter if you drip water on your head or questions directly into the brain. But, excuse me - it's not our fault that any information about your rich inner world should be pulled out of you with ticks. Why can't you just talk frankly, without all this inquisitorial stuff?


Not gallantry, no. All this is very nice, of course, thank you, but in principle we are able to put on a coat and open the door on our own. And there are situations when we are not capable of anything at all. Because we are living organisms, and sometimes we run out of resources. And then we need someone to take over not only what we used to do, but we ourselves, too, were “taken on board”. This, unfortunately, still happens less often than we would like. You, they say, do not know how, because you do not have a maternal instinct. And we say - a lie and a vile slander: a wounded dolphin is raised to the surface every few minutes not by females, but by those who swam by. Regardless of gender.


One of the most important qualities of a man that women appreciate. Yes, yes, we all understand: there is a cruel world and competition all around, the burden of responsibility presses you to the ground, and complex cabbage soup is solid. Please play these games, we don't mind at all. We are against it when the mask of a serious uncle firmly sticks to your faces, and that's it, it is no longer removed. Never. Because we, too, know how to turn into a woman head teacher, easily. But if we come home with this disguise, you will hide under the bed and whine from there: “It's not me! Don't call your parents, Marivanna!" So no - you don't remind us of a harsh Viking when you look at everything "seriously". You remind us of the guard from the hostel, this old mushroom, so that he no longer coughs, an infection.

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