7 life hacks that will help you completely rethink your wardrobe

7 life hacks that will help you completely rethink your wardrobe
7 life hacks that will help you completely rethink your wardrobe

Have you found yourself in a situation where you want to shovel all your clothes into one pile and burn them? Do not rush to get rid of your things! We will show you how to change your wardrobe

7 life hacks that will help you completely rethink your wardrobe

Each of us knows the unpleasant feeling when all those things in which you previously seemed to be the embodiment of Carrie Bradshaw and Anna Wintour combined, suddenly begin to look ugly, sit badly and in general are no longer “yours”. Emergency shopping is not an option, because if you run around the shops every time in such a situation, you will find yourself in debt and under the rubble of clothes that were worn only once. Before you anathema all your clothes, put these 7 simple tips into practice for a stylish women's wardrobe!

Dismantle all cabinets

Yes, it may take a whole day off, but it is absolutely necessary to rediscover some wardrobe items. Divide all things into 5 conditional categories: things for the current season, things for the next season, the so-called. “archive” (what you wore last season and what might be useful to you), “maybe” and “throw away”. Try to imagine each item in the "maybe" category with items from the first three categories and ask yourself: will I wear it with something? With a high degree of probability, these clothes will join the throwaway category (and you really have to get rid of these things).

Reorganize your wardrobe

Try to arrange the clothes in the wardrobes by sector - depending on the season. Soon after that, you will find that you get to navigate in your own clothes and make sets from them much faster and better. Then go even further - in each "season" sort everything by type of clothing (trousers with trousers, dresses with dresses, etc.).

Fill the "holes"

Speaking of this, we mean those things that are really missing in your wardrobe (no, this is not a reason to buy three new dresses that you wear once and hide in the farthest corner of the closet). So go for the basics, like a white shirt that you can pair with an A-line suede miniskirt or an oversized blazer. Or get yourself a pair of black skinnys that will make you feel stylish and sexy in any situation.

Refer to friends

An outsider's perspective is a simple yet effective way to discover new fashion looks in your usual wardrobe. Invite a friend or friend over whose taste you trust and ask them to pick up a few looks from your clothes. Be sure that friendly gatherings will bring you not only a lot of pleasant emotions, but also a couple of new stylish combinations that did not even cross your mind. Or even change your wardrobe.

Get rid of the lifeline

T. n. "life buoys" are nothing but images that you walk around in a "nothing to wear" situation. As a result, you constantly dress in the same way, ignoring the rest of the clothes and not bothering to look for new “looks”. It is not necessary to ruthlessly throw something into the trash can, it is enough to take some things to a friend living outside the city for a while and thereby “break” the “lifebuoy” images.

One thing - ten looks

Choose one of your favorite wardrobe items and create ten different looks with it. Not five, not seven or nine, but ten - this will allow you to finally leave your comfort zone and get a couple of new "bows"-favorites.

Share your looks with friends on social networks

You can endlessly spit in the direction of your wardrobe, stubbornly using the most comfortable looks (“lifebuoys”), and then complain to everyone about the lack of “decent clothes”. But what if you have to post your “look” on social media every day? In this case, you will probably begin to be more careful in choosing an outfit for the day and will definitely stop walking all week in the same successful image. An alternative option is to send the image of the day “for control” to one of your friends who will be able to scold you in case of violation of the “fashion agreement”.

What wardrobe secrets do you use?

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