6 Reasons Why He Feels Insecure About You

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6 Reasons Why He Feels Insecure About You
6 Reasons Why He Feels Insecure About You

And it's not about some neurotic or pathological jealous. Men can experience anxiety about a variety of things regarding relationships. It's not your fault, but it's always worth having an honest discussion about what caused the tension. Here are a few things that might make him nervous.

6 reasons why he feels insecure in a relationship with you

He thinks you don't spend much time together

Sounds very feminine, doesn't it? But to think that men are not at all worried about this is to be deeply mistaken. Actually, people pair up to spend time together (thanks, Cap). And if you see each other less than he wants (and it's not just about sex), there is a suspicion that you are avoiding him. There is nothing wrong with living your personal life, spending time with friends or at work. It's just a question of balance, is it okay for both of you.

He catches you talking weird

And you are very secretive. No, no one is going to put on a veil on you, but the case when you first shouted into the phone at some man, and then smashed the phone against the wall - he needs to explain what it was. No, "doesn't matter" and "it's for work" aren't good enough answers. It looks like you are hiding something. Even if it really was for work, what should he think? That you are a state security agent and bound by an oath of silence?

You see, a man needs a convincing explanation. And if the fact is that you are embarrassed to admit that your boss is an idiot, then you better admit it. Because with omissions, your partner will decide that the idiot here is himself.

He never saw your friends

In this situation, any person, no matter if he is a man or a woman, will have a suspicion that he is being hidden from his acquaintances. So that later, after parting, you don’t have to explain where he disappeared. That is, either you do not really believe in the seriousness of your relationship, or you are ashamed of it.

In fact, it is enough for him to show up with you a couple of times in the company of your friends and this will stop bothering him.

He thinks you consider him more of a friend than a lover

This is what happens when you avoid being affectionate anywhere but in bed. Do not walk holding hands, do not let yourself be hugged and kissed in public. The question here is exactly the same as in the previous paragraph: “Are you ashamed of me?”

You are more successful than him

We are not so long ago living in an era of victorious equality. We can say that only one foot stepped in there. Therefore, most men experience complexes, being next to a woman who is noticeably superior to them in anything. What can be done here? Well, there are several options: either find yourself one that will not be complex (there are such, there are). Or look for such common ground in which competition between you will not be so sharp.

But that doesn't mean "pretending to be a little gray mouse." Just let him know that you love him for his qualities, and not for the fact that he is inferior to you in some way. Will not understand? Don't torture yourself, let go. This is a neurotic, and we agreed not to discuss neurotics.

He has been deceived many times before

Here they swore not to discuss. In fact, it's normal for a man to have some caution after a previous painful breakup. Some, not for long.

If you obviously love him, and after a few months of your relationship, he still refers to severe mental trauma from a previous relationship. Hey, don't be ridiculous. So he just likes to suffer, otherwise he would have long forgotten the previous relationship, plunging into a new one with you. Shoot him in the neck, otherwise you will become another "heartless bitch" who deceived him.

Or rather, you will become her anyway, in his stories about you. But at least you don't have to listen to this nonsense in person.

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