9 dangers of makeup brushes. Dirty brushes

9 dangers of makeup brushes. Dirty brushes
9 dangers of makeup brushes. Dirty brushes

We all know that cleaning your makeup brushes is as important a part of your beauty as makeup itself. We all know that almost everyone is too lazy to do it regularly, right? And this is fraught with completely harmless consequences.

9 dangers of makeup brushes. Dirty brushes

You spend money

For clarity, wiggle the spread fingers of one hand. Move easily? Now insert the splayed five of the other hand between the fingers of this hand. Noticed? You can no longer freely spread and move your fingers without risking breaking them. That's exactly what happens with bristles.

Your pores might get clogged

What is the point of avoiding touching your face with dirty hands if you yourself, with your own brushes, replenish bacteria colonies on your face? Moreover, you constantly transfer them from the face to the powder box and vice versa, from the powder box to the face. Therefore, if you have clogged, inflamed pores and you have tried everything, but you have not found the cause, pay attention to the cleanliness of your makeup tools. (Sponges, applicators and brushes can also store bacteria)

You are at risk of contracting a staph infection

Dermatologist Debbie Palmer, co-founder of the New York Dermatology Association, warns: “Daily-used makeup brushes accumulate dead skin cells, impurities, oils and bacteria. When examining, you can find staphylococci, streptococci, Escherichia coli and fungi on the brushes. In 2015, there was a tragic incident in Australia when a woman contracted a staph infection while using makeup brushes while visiting a friend. The tragedy is that the disease passed with rare complications, and the unfortunate woman was left with paralyzed legs and arms.

Your makeup will look worse

The task of brushes is to ensure that makeup is applied as evenly as possible. And if your brushes contain week-old lumps, then you risk getting a look that is far from ideal.

You risk getting conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is not fatal, fortunately, a disease, but extremely unpleasant. It is unlikely that anyone who has once been ill with it will want to repeat it. Cause? One of the main reasons is dirty fingers that you rub your eyes with. The next most common reason is the same bacteria from makeup tools.

Your skin may be irritated

The dried clumps on the bristle tips of dirty brushes act like sandpaper, damaging your skin. Slowly and imperceptibly. Unnoticeable until the skin becomes inflamed.


Curled well-groomed eyelashes make you irresistible. But lumps of mascara on them - they don't.

You risk more wrinkles

Dirty makeup tools increase the oxidative processes in your skin. As a result, collagen is destroyed, which is responsible for skin elasticity and, hello, premature aging.

Bad smell

After all, makeup mixed with bits of your skin and left on the instruments just goes rancid and smells bad.

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