Miss Childfree beauty contest has started in Runet

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Miss Childfree beauty contest has started in Runet
Miss Childfree beauty contest has started in Runet

The Russian childfree community chooses the most beautiful girl among the members of the Childfree in Russian group.

Beauty contest "Miss Childfree" started in Runet

In Russia, such a trend as childfree is gaining more and more popularity. Every day more and more people appear in the country who claim that they do not want to have children and refuse to have children. Each of them has their own reasons for such a decision: fear of physiological changes in the body, fear of losing freedom, or lack of love for children. But, nevertheless, all adherents of this trend in society unanimously declare that childfree and hatred of children are completely different things.

In the social network Vkontakte there is a community "Childfree in Russian", dedicated to the refusal of childbearing, whose subscribers are more than 12 thousand people. There, users exchange information, publish various articles and photos, and organize events. Recently, the group announced a beauty contest "Miss childfree". There were so many people wishing to take part in the competition that the administration has already launched the 19th qualifying round.

One of the contestants shared her views with the newspaper Metro: “I was born like this. I have never been attracted to children, I have always shunned them. Parents swore: "Why are you sitting with a book, go play with the kids." And I never needed them. Now I just live. I live the way I like. I love silence, books, playing the guitar. I love this harmony. I love my husband, he is my number one priority. I dedicate myself to him, just as he dedicates himself to me. We don't need a third. At the same time, I have a physiological opportunity to give birth. With a child, you lose your freedom. My husband and I can go anywhere now. You can do such a thing with a child! But even this is not the main thing. The bottom line is, I just don't want him!”

As a rule, there is always a downside to the question. So, Director of the Institute of Demographic Security Irina Medvedeva spoke about the refusal to have children, who believes that the childfree movement was created specifically in order to artificially reduce the population of the Earth. “Everyone has the right to choose, as they say now. But for a believer, this is undeniable. A person should have as many children as the Lord gives. Having children is a great happiness. And those fools who say that they are childfree have not yet comprehended him,”the Metro newspaper quotes Irina.

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