10 Most Famous Horror Book Adaptations

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10 Most Famous Horror Book Adaptations
10 Most Famous Horror Book Adaptations

The night of November 1 is the eve of All Saints' Day. According to ancient legends, it was at this time that the border between the two worlds opened: the Living and the Dead. Dressing up as mystical characters, watching horror movies, decorating houses with pumpkins and treating the spirits with sweets - this is what real Halloween means.

Top 10 horror book adaptations

Ten legendary film adaptations that the online e-book store LitRes has collected for the readers of Domashniy Ochag will help create a holiday atmosphere.

The Shining by Stephen King

The only guests of the luxurious hotel, which the guests left for the winter, are the main character and his family. deserted halls hide a terrible reality: the hotel is inhabited by terrible ghosts who have risen from hell. They will drive the unfortunate people crazy and become the perpetrators of the bloody tragedy. The film based on the book, shot by Stanley Kubrick, was not liked by the author of the book, Stephen King: he believed that the general idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe work was completely lost. With the support of King, an alternative, three-episode version was even filmed.

"Frankenstein, or Modern Prometheus" by Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley's cult novel, written in a dispute with Byron, brought the author world fame. The story of Victor Frankenstein, who managed to scientifically resurrect a dead body, has become the basis of many dramatic and cinematic adaptations. The monster leaves the scientist, and the hidden resentment towards him and all mankind, deprived of the ability to compassion and love, makes the monster take revenge on his creator, who renounced him.

"The Silence of the Lambs" Thomas Harris

The protagonist of the book, Dr. Hannibal Lector, is a talented psychologist who can figure out the intention of any criminal. However, for the people around him, he is safe only when he is separated from the interlocutor by the steel door of the prison cell. Doctor Lector is a killer and cannibal gourmet, one of the most dangerous criminals of his time. It is to him that FBI investigator Clarice Sterling, who is leading the case of the maniac killer Buffalo Bill, turns for help. The film adaptation of the novel, a brilliant psychological thriller, won five Oscars.

"Strain. Home» Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan

The plot of the novel is based on an inexplicable event: a plane arriving at Kennedy Airport lands on the runway and … freezes. A rescue team that manages to get on board finds all passengers and crew dead. The causes of death are mysterious and inexplicable, but the old antiquary from Manhattan knows that with the help of this plane, an ancient threat has returned to our world that can destroy humanity. The epic battle for survival between humans and vampires is reflected in a 2014 American television series based on a trilogy by acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Stevenson

Deep and incredibly elegant, full of mysticism, the work combines the mystery in the style of Hoffmann and the dramatic psychologism of Dostoevsky. Mr. Jekyll is sure that each of us has "skeletons in the closet" that sometimes break out. How to cope with the dark forces that live inside, and not become a prisoner of their own demons? In 1931, the film adaptation of this strange story about the dual nature of man, constantly torn apart by Good and Evil, was presented to the public and won the Oscar.

"Carrie" Stephen King

How long can a person keep under control the incredible abilities that the Devil himself endowed him with? In a small provincial town in New England, death comes when the gift of telekinesis awakens in the intimidated strange girl Carrie. The grievances and insults inflicted on the child in the family and school turn into a fiery Apocalypse. The first film adaptation of the novel in 1976 became one of the most successful, was nominated for an Oscar and highly appreciated by Stephen King himself.

"Dracula" Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker's stunning and dark novel, a gothic vampire cult classic, follows a young lawyer, Jonathan Harker, who goes on business with Count Dracula in Transylvania. However, the image of a mysterious rich man who wants to buy property in London contains frightening revelations. The image of Count Dracula is one of the most filmed in cinema, and the 1992 film directed by Francis Ford Coppolo won three Oscars.

"Misery" Stephen King

Writer Paul Sheldon crashes his car into heavy snow in the mountains and is saved from an imminent cold death by local resident Annie Wilkes. Paul does not remember anything from his life, and, waking up in a new house, he does not immediately understand what horror and pain he will face. A secluded house on the very outskirts of the city is possessed by the demons of the hostess, who has lost her mind because of Sheldon's novels - she does not want to part with her idol. The 1990 film based on King's novel won the Oscar for Best Actress.

"Viy" Nikolai Gogol

The story "Viy" can rightfully be called the first domestic work written in the horror genre. The story of a philosophy student who was destined to spend the night in church at the funeral of a beautiful girl, of course, no longer frightens, but she is a cult. That is why this immortal work of Nikolai Gogol continues to be filmed and staged. However, the most beloved cinematic copy of "Viya" for a Russian person is the 1967 film starring Leonid Kuravlyov and Natalya Varley.

"American Psycho" Bret Easton Ellis

Working on Wall Street, an expensive suit and an extraordinary mind - Patrick Bateman is an intelligent young man and well-mannered citizen. However, at night it is as if the Devil himself is infused in him: hatred and contempt for generally recognized human laws, uncontrollable rage and the desire to achieve his own American Dream - this is what gives him strength for new murders. The classic novel was revealed in the film of the same name, starring Christian Bale, Reese Witherspoon, Willem Dafoe and Jared Leto.

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