Scary, as much horror

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Scary, as much horror
Scary, as much horror

On the night of October 31 to November 1, the whole world will celebrate the most terrible holiday of the year - Halloween. Learn how to prepare for the party - decorate the house, make fun costumes and unique makeup. And to make the holiday memorable for a long time, photograph every step! Here are our tips for taking and editing photos.

Scary, creepy

Atmosphere in the house

Designing your apartment for the upcoming party is very simple. One of the main attributes of Halloween is a backlit pumpkin. To turn it into a Jack O'Lantern, cut off the top and remove the pulp. Then draw a scary face with a felt-tip pen, carefully cut it out and place a small flashlight inside. Such lamps can be placed throughout the house and used during the holiday instead of lighting. From thick cardboard, make figurines of bats and spiders, hang them on the curtains. Drape sofas with dark fabrics, place large mirrors opposite each other and prepare for the arrival of guests.

Tip: To capture the emotions of your friends when they first see your updated interior, be sure to install photo editing and storage apps on your smartphone. For example, the Google Photos app. Turn on the automatic upload of materials from your phone to the cloud storage in advance. Even if something happens to your smartphone during the holiday, nothing threatens the pictures - you will find them in your account.

Festive costumes

On the occasion of the holiday, it is supposed to be completely transformed. But what if you don't have time to sew an outfit or make fangs? You can make a costume from a simple white T-shirt! Take fabric paints, markers, stencils, brushes and draw a ghost or a funny pumpkin on T-shirts.

Tip: Google Photos will turn your holiday photos into captivating photo stories, animations, collages, or a movie with a themed soundtrack. You can make them yourself or use the "Assistant" function, which itself will offer unusual options for processing images. With the app, you don't have to search for photos for a long time, even if you decide to review them in a month. Enter the word "pumpkin", "Halloween", or "selfie" in the search bar and the desired photos will appear in front of you.

Scary makeup

Don't forget to complete your look with a scary make-up! Take face makeup or regular makeup. For inspiration, you can watch a few tutorials on thematic makeup on YouTube and turn into, for example, a cartoon zombie or a tree demon.

Tip: Be sure to make sure that the main subjects of the photo - be it a person's face or even a pumpkin - are in focus. To do this, while shooting, click on the point on which the camera should focus. And of course, don't shoot against the light.

Treats for kids and adults

Your table this night will be decorated with sandwiches carved in the shape of skulls or cookies with chocolate icing in the form of fingers. Oranges make excellent salad bowls - peel the pulp out of them, cut out the evil grin, and put the vegetable or fruit filling inside and pour it with red sauce.

Tip: Turn your smartphone shots into real professional photos. With the Snapseed app, you can edit the tone, color and exposure, add shadows and highlights. By the way, it was recently updated for Android to version 2.1, which has even more useful features.

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