Tips for after Halloween. How to remove wax stains?

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Tips for after Halloween. How to remove wax stains?
Tips for after Halloween. How to remove wax stains?

The day after tomorrow, many of you will be cleaning your home after a wild celebration. One of the problems will be wax stains from holiday candles. We tell you in advance how to deal with it.

Tips for after Halloween. How to remove wax stains?

So, you had fun, waved candles, and at least did not set fire to anything, praise all the saints. But they planted stains all over the house, what to do?

Remember a simple general rule: the thicker the wax stain, the thicker it is, the easier it is to remove. A thick drip of wax can simply be peeled off from the surface on which it hit, and a thin film will have to scrape off. A paradoxical conclusion follows from this: sometimes the stain needs to be strengthened to make it easier to get rid of it.


If the fabric is thick and not fluffy and the stain is large: freeze the stain. Jeans or a shirt can be placed in the freezer of the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Just straighten the clothes so that the wax hardens without creases. Once the wax has set, peel the fabric away from the stain (not vice versa).

If the stain is small and absorbed, strengthen it. Heat the base of the candle until it melts and press the candle firmly against the spot. Now freeze them and then carefully peel off the fabric from the candle.

May leave wax stains

In this case, degrease them with rubbing alcohol, acetone-free nail polish remover, or your homemade bleach-free stain remover.

In any case, first make sure that the dye on the fabric is sufficiently resistant to these substances. Try it on the inside or in an inconspicuous area of ​​the item you are cleaning. After cleaning the stain, simply wash the item in the washing machine on a heavy cycle.

Upholstered furniture

You can't put it in the freezer, so you have to cool the stain with ice. Otherwise, the sequence of actions is the same.

Washing will not work, so you will have to repeat the degreasing procedure as many times as necessary.

Shaggy fabric, carpets and rugs

In this case, it will not be possible to simply tear off a thick layer of wax without damaging the threads. Therefore, we will remove by hot blotting. Use your knife to scrape off as much wax as you can collect.

Place a paper towel folded in several layers over the stain marks and heat the area with an iron. Repeat until the paper stops absorbing the wax. After that, the greasy trace will need to be eliminated as described above.

Fluffy clothes can of course be washed.


From glass surfaces, the wax can be simply scraped off with a knife. But the knife can scratch varnished countertops. Take a plastic card, but better not your bank card, but some discount from the store.

If the surface of the furniture has a texture like wood, grooves and depressions, the matter will not end with scraping. You will need to clean the grooves with alcohol or non-acetone nail polish remover.

But you can do it easier - pour a "pancake" of melted wax on the stain, and when it hardens, but still soft enough, pick up its edge with a plastic card, and then gently roll it into a roll.

The "iron and paper" method in the case of furniture is fraught with clouding of the transparent varnish, so we do not recommend it categorically. Yes, and alcohol and nail polish remover (without acetone, do you remember, right?) Should be carefully applied with a damp swab and immediately wiped dry. The “pour and let dissolve” method can lead to the fact that, along with the wax, it will corrode the surface of the varnish.

Have a nice holiday!

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