What to eat in fast food for those who are on a diet

What to eat in fast food for those who are on a diet
What to eat in fast food for those who are on a diet

You can stick to any diet and still break it, justifying yourself with the fact that you simply have nowhere to eat properly. Here are common lunch break mistakes that you can fix to stop worrying and blaming yourself for being weak. And the waist will be fine.

How to Eat at Fast Food without Sinning Too Much Against Your Diet

You do not specify the composition of the dish

Because in an innocent "cabbage salad" you may unexpectedly find some croutons, mayonnaise or cheese. You will only know this when you receive your order. Be specific about what you're buying, or take only dishes you've tested.

You believe you can only eat half a serving of french fries

You sincerely believe that "just try" and give the rest to your girlfriend/partner. This usually ends up with you eating the whole portion without noticing. Rather than surreptitiously cross borders, it is better to simply not buy what you do not consider useful for yourself.

You order a salad when you really want shawarma

Let's be honest, if you want a cupcake and are offered a gluten-free, high-grain diet cookie, will you stop dreaming of a cupcake? Probably not. The same goes for all other high-calorie foods. Instead of fooling yourself, ask them to make you a shawarma that has more fresh salad and meat, but no heavy garlic sauce. Ask not to put fried potatoes. So you get a delicious proper lunch.

This will save you the temptation to pounce on a bowl of cookies when you get back to work from lunch.

You don't ask for a separate sauce

It is better to ask for walnut, mayonnaise and other sauces for salads to be put separately on a plate, without mixing with the main course and without watering it on top. Sometimes only by tasting it, you can understand how fat it is and how appropriate it is in your diet. Even if it is incredibly tasty and he althy (like, for example, walnut sauce), it will be better for you if you decide how much to eat. 6 mistakes that make a salad very high in calories.

What can you eat for lunch with proper nutrition

You're going overboard with the mono diet

Have you ever eaten a single grilled chicken breast or a bowl of pasta with no sauce and felt cheated? We understand you. If you don't get the macronutrient complex (protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates) with your meals, you're stealing from yourself.

What to do? Avoid extremes in the right diet for weight loss. Yes, you can order a "fat-free" sandwich without mayonnaise sauce and without bacon. There is enough fat in the meat itself. But you also need carbs. Take a sandwich on whole grain bread with double vegetable filling and leave half of the bread on a plate.

This way you can get a balanced diet and your blood sugar will not spike throughout the day.

You don't snack as often as you should

If you feel very hungry between meals, you rush to eat at lunch and, of course, overeat. Meanwhile, a simple apple, pear or orange as a snack will not only reduce your appetite for a while, but also serve as a natural source of moisture and vitamins. Just remember that fruits are digested much faster than the rest of the food, so eat them separately from everything. Otherwise, you risk getting bloated.

You are garnishing the wrong vegetables

You can fill up on a hearty side dish and still not gain weight if you choose to eat he althy at lunch - eat low-starch vegetables. Instead of potatoes, rice, beans, squash, and corn, order cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. With the same feeling of fullness, they will not make you fuller.

You are forgetting the kids menu

If this diner has a limited selection of dishes, you can always take the same as usual, but in a children's version. This is a smaller portion, and often a lower fat portion

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