20 life hacks for cat owners

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20 life hacks for cat owners
20 life hacks for cat owners

The best gadgets, toys and accessories your pet will love!

20 life hacks for cat lovers

How to make life easier for cat owners so that the most beloved, affectionate, funny and gentle creatures feel great and do not cause any problems.

Meowlingual Cat Translation

Can you speak cat language? This device can. It recognizes the expression on your pet's face, which will help you understand what the animal wants at the moment: to be fed, stroked, or finally left alone. There are about 200 cat words in the database that can be translated.

By the way, in addition to this device, there are several applications that you can download to your smartphone and talk heart to heart with a cat.

Self-Cleaning Litter Robot Cat Tray

With this device, you will not have to dig in the tray after the kitty has done her job and smell bad. The reliable mechanism of the automatic tray separates the waste from the clean litter and dumps them into a special waste bin. Everything happens automatically. You just have to throw away the waste bag and add filler. True, the price of the device bites.

Hammock for a cat

The thing is practical and convenient. Such a couch can be arranged under any chair or small table. It remains only to choose which place your cat likes more.

Cardboard Cat Cabin

Very cute cardboard house created by Montreal-based designers Marie-Pier Guilman and Maud Beauchamp. With the help of the instructions, it can be folded out of cardboard without additional tools. The house can be chosen as a wigwam…

…or a cute cardboard booth with round mink, peepholes, rubberized mat and toys. The house can be painted with paints and the name of the pet can be signed at the entrance.

The Bistro Smart Feeder

Smart feeder takes care of your pet's he alth. It is especially convenient when there are several animals in the house. The cunning feeder recognizes the cat's face, and will not allow the most greedy to covet someone else's. It does its own portion control, which prevents the cat from gaining excess weight, and also saves you money on food and trips to the veterinarians. The feeder is synchronized with a smartphone, so you can control it from a distance. (Similar device PETNET SmartFeeder).

South Paw Scratch n Snooze

Cats love to sharpen their claws so much, and with such a couch it's a pleasure. She looks very stylish, and your sofa will remain safe and sound.

Modernist Cat Locker

For shy and gentle creatures, you can purchase a separate apartment with minks.

Cat table

The CATable Computer Desk, designed by Ruan Hao, was designed for those cat lovers who are used to working from home. Such a table is able to occupy even the most restless and active, without prejudice to work.

DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

For the most talented and musical cats and kitties.

Mink Cat Nap Cocoon

So warm and cozy in a felt cocoon. It is handmade from sheep's wool and shaped like a vase. The cocoon can be made in any color and will certainly fit into your interior.

Cats and mice

Cat Whack a Mole - simple and brilliant! It will be fun for you and your pet.

Water Fountain

Cats love to drink water from the tap, many like the sound of running water, and some like to play with water. The Electric Cat Fountain is a filtered system that provides clean water at all times.

Lumpi Scratching Post

The statue in the form of a huge dog will help the cat feel like a real master in the house!

Device for training

Cats are known to be wayward creatures and difficult to train, but with the Clicker, developed by German scientists, you can easily teach an animal to order. With a soft sound signal, you simply encourage the cat's good behavior, and over time, she will get used to obey. It is important that punishment is completely excluded here. You only mark the behavior that you see fit.

Pig in a poke

This carrier bag is considered by many cat owners to be the most convenient. It is light and compact, and the cat does not feel enclosed in a cage. Very handy item for a trip to the vet!


Such caps are put on the claws of cats if the animal often scratches. They are absolutely safe and are especially needed if there are small children at home. In addition, false claws can help bathe an animal in a bath, give medicine or protect one cat from another. It remains only to manage to put them on the animal. Most likely, it will not be so easy to do this.


Real salvation for owners of the most fluffy cat breeds. It gently removes the dead undercoat of the animal without damaging the living hair. It accelerates shedding and is several times more effective than any brush. If you are not familiar with this device, you should definitely try it!

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