How to understand that a man is lying: 5 tricks of psychology

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How to understand that a man is lying: 5 tricks of psychology
How to understand that a man is lying: 5 tricks of psychology

One of the main tenets of a he althy relationship is trust. But some men cleverly take advantage of this and begin to lie. How to catch a man in a lie? We found 5 tricks to help bring him to clean water.

How to understand that a man is lying: 5 tricks of psychology

He lies even in small things

A man who knows how to lie (and there are quite a lot of them) is quite difficult to catch a lie. Surely he did not come to you from the monastery, where there was not a single woman on whom you could hone your skills. Before you, he had such pretty ones who believed in a man dear to his heart. So he realized that such things can easily get away with, and do not think about the consequences.

If a man said that he would come home from work at seven, but it turned out that his seven hours are equal to your ten in the evening, then something is wrong. Well, it's delayed. Well, I met a friend. So what? Nothing if he warned you about it. Such a man is indifferent to the feelings of his beloved woman, he considers himself practically free.

He gets mixed up in his testimony

A person who constantly lies to someone often forgets all the details of his story. And on such trifles it is very easy to catch him! True, not immediately, but a little later. If a conversation has caused you doubts, do not focus on it right away. It is better to return to this conversation a little later - maybe in a couple of days or a week. If any inaccuracies or differences with the previous version pop up in his words, then most likely the man is deceiving. If this is not an isolated case, then it is worth considering whether you need such a liar-liar-liar?

He is not in the mood to discuss important matters

If a man is constantly not in the mood, busy or has a headache / butt / finger in order to discuss with you his future life, feelings or elementary plans for the weekend, everything suggests that the man is simply not interested in continuation of those relationships. And when a woman is not important to a man, he will lie to her. Maybe unconsciously, in small things, but it will definitely happen. If only because he does not want to let a woman close to him.

He manipulates feelings

If a man lies and realizes that they do not believe him, he will begin to try with all his might to arouse shame in a woman for this disbelief. This will help him buy time and even distract the woman from the subject of the dispute.

One can easily understand that a man is trying to manipulate a woman. For example, he will be offended by saying: “Don't you believe me, darling?” Or he will try to cause fear of losing the relationship: “If you don't believe me, that's your problem. I don't want a woman around who doesn't trust.”

He is actively gesticulating

Even when we deceive other people, we cannot deceive ourselves. And our body responds with gestures, nervousness or uncertainty at the moment when a person begins to lie.

A woman is not a lie detector, but we are still able to see something. For example, a man crosses his arms over his chest - most likely, he chose this method of self-defense for himself. And if he scratches the tip of his nose, it is because during the deception the nerves are irritated, and there are quite a lot of them on the nose. Also, during a lie, blood pressure rises, which causes a feeling of stuffiness and fever. In this case, the man will certainly begin to fiddle with buttons or straighten his T-shirt, referring to the heat.

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