10 Rules for Vicky Boni's Success: Don't Be Afraid of Happiness and Ignore Enemies

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10 Rules for Vicky Boni's Success: Don't Be Afraid of Happiness and Ignore Enemies
10 Rules for Vicky Boni's Success: Don't Be Afraid of Happiness and Ignore Enemies

TV presenter Victoria Bonya knows by her own example what envy is, what is the price of success and where to look for love. But the most important thing is that Bonya is ready to openly share the rules of a happy life, which she did.

10 Rules for Vicky Boni's Success: Don't Be Afraid of Happiness and Ignore Enemies

Keep your presence of mind

I was the most ordinary child: not a rebel, but not quiet either. I liked hanging out with friends, listening to music, doing sports… My father left the family when I was two years old. My mother worked two jobs to support my sister and me, so my grandmother was mainly involved in my upbringing. She survived the horrors of war, hunger, but the hardships of life did not prevent her from remaining a cheerful and optimistic person. My grandmother managed to instill these qualities in me as well. She always said that one should never, under any circumstances, lose one's presence of mind and that nothing is unattainable. Not at all a sugary life in a small mining town to some extent influenced my character, my perception of the world and made me who I am today. I never had “pink glasses” on, I realized very early that life is not a fairy tale or a movie, and that you need to make your own way in it! From early childhood, I was very sober in my assessment of reality.

Trust yourself and not be afraid of failure

Self-doubt is fear, and fear must be fought! After all, he lives exclusively in the place where there is indecision that arises as a result of doubt. If you eliminate doubts, then there will simply be no place for this fear.

Often, stereotypes interfere with us: the assessment of others, their advice, feelings … Therefore, it is very important to learn to trust yourself and follow your inner voice. Always listen to your feelings and experiences!

If you are planning something new, don't be afraid of failure beforehand. Scroll through all possible scenarios in your head. Surely in case of failure, nothing catastrophic will happen. And what will you get in case of a successful outcome? Compare, evaluate and act decisively! Praise yourself for even the smallest victory! This will help boost your own self-esteem.

Don't be afraid to take risks

Better to try and fail than regret the missed opportunity. Gain experience, whether it's positive or negative.

And of course, the right attitude and intention to continue acting in any difficult situation is important. The main thing is to be able to find your way and remember that life is changeable. If there are any temporary difficulties - do not concentrate on them, you need to get up and move on. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

It is impossible and not necessary to protect yourself from envious people

If you have envious people, then you are moving in life in the right direction. After all, no one envy outsiders. The feeling of envy is initially negative and destructive, because a person, envying others, only programs himself for failure. Such people, as a rule, are lazy, they do not make any efforts for their own happiness and are sure that failure is their destiny. It's useless to fight them. They are energy vampires who take pleasure when they realize their envy has done harm. Therefore, do not even think about how to influence them, how to protect yourself from them, how to protect yourself. Just don't let envious people change or make your life uncomfortable in any way. Envy is not your problem, but theirs! Live as you lived - fully and happily! It is best to initially set yourself up for positive. Who said that there must be envious people around you? Consider that they are not. Consider that all people are wonderful, kind and decent.

If life doesn't give something today, then it has prepared something better

My motto in life: go step by step, not jump over a step, because life will still return you to the place, to the very step that you jumped over. I don’t burden myself with guilt, I got rid of the feeling that I owe something to someone … I live for my own pleasure, according to my own laws, following my feelings and desires, not looking back at strangers. I always believe in the best. If today life does not give me something, then it has prepared something better ahead. And so it happens. There is an expression: “We have what we believe in.”

Read and discover something new

I have read a lot of psychological literature, from Freud to Renard. From favorite - "Thoughts" by Arthur Schopenhauer. I would recommend everyone to read this book at least once. I am sure that regardless of gender, social status or profession, everyone will be able to learn something useful for themselves or take a fresh look at others, at themselves, and at the world as a whole.

Love is not to be found

As the song says: “Love will suddenly come when you don’t expect it at all …” And when it comes, you will meet a person and understand that HE is exactly the man you were waiting for, then hold on and don’t miss it! But seriously, you can conquer a man not only by trying to get positive emotions from him, but also by giving him no less than you get.

Happiness needs work

In order for relationships not to become “everyday life”, you need to work on them. I was always taught that relationships are women's work! If you let everything take its course, you don't know what will happen. Harmony in the family must be nurtured like a child, otherwise love can turn into a habit. And not always, even with age, comes the understanding that for happiness it’s not enough to meet and start a family, you need to work hard on it.

Don't change, but change

I have long concluded for myself: if you want to change a man for yourself, it is better to immediately understand the meaninglessness of this lesson. You can only change for the better yourself or your attitude towards another person, in particular, towards a close man. If you want it to be perfect, become perfect yourself.

Don't be afraid of happiness

Russian women lack confidence - in themselves, in their abilities, in their own attractiveness… Sometimes it seems to me that our women are simply afraid to be happy. They are afraid of change, even if these changes will change life for the better. But the desire to improve your life is always commendable! One of Victoria Boni's success rules is the desire to move forward, grow and develop. Of course, perfection is a goal that can never be achieved, but which, I believe, should definitely be strived for!

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