Don't Waste Your Time: 9 Signs You Don't Have a Future Together

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Don't Waste Your Time: 9 Signs You Don't Have a Future Together
Don't Waste Your Time: 9 Signs You Don't Have a Future Together

Guessing: "Loves - does not love, spit - kisses"? Save the daisies! We will tell you which relationships look rather unpromising from the very beginning and what indicates incompatibility in marriage.

Don't Waste Your Time: 9 Signs You Don't Have a Future Together

1. He basically doesn't start a serious relationship,except for options like "he lived in St. Petersburg, she lived in Moscow, and he sometimes visited her for the weekend." Perhaps the whole point was the incompatibility of the couple. Or maybe this man does not have the habit of daily care for a partner and the ability to deal with the routine in a relationship. Yes, and craving for a life together, it seems, no. Think you'll be the exception?

2. He's courting you even though he knows you're dating someone else (or he's dating someone else). Of course, he may be so in love with you that he's ready to ignore any obstacles. Or maybe he just likes to flirt?

3. You get the feeling that if you ask him if he loves you, he'll just laugh it off.

4. You've known each other for many years, but neither of you has taken steps towards the other. What has changed now? The dream man never turned up, got bored, accidentally ended up in the same bed? If you were truly attracted to each other, you would have been attracted long ago.

5. You only remember him when no one else is on Skype or no one else has agreed to go to a concert with you. And then one day you decide to take a closer look at him… But it is worth appearing on the horizon handsome man - and you understand that you are not ready to settle for less.

6. You strongly suspect that even his mother thinks you deserve more. At least you can see it in her eyes. (Even if you're wrong about her, that says a lot about how you feel about him.)

7. When the two of you go out together and someone asks if you're a couple or not, he laughs as if it's ridiculous to even think that you, a guy and a girl, can suddenly start dating. This is a sure sign of incompatibility in marriage.

8. He only says sweet things to you when he's drunk and it's 3:30 a.m. on the clock. If he needs to get drunk in order to squeeze out some semblance of a romantic confession, it probably means that if you weren't around, he would be nice to the lamppost. So don't be fooled.

9. After reading all this, you thought: “So, it doesn’t shine with Petya. Well, what about Kolya? Incompatibility in marriage is quite common, and it is better to find out its causes before going to the registry office.

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