7 types of men who need to say “No!” right away

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7 types of men who need to say “No!” right away
7 types of men who need to say “No!” right away

If the first date went well, we immediately begin to think about how things will work out with him. But, you know, there are times when you don't have to think about it. And you don't have to think at all. We must immediately say "No!" and make legs - in case you met with some comrade from this list of the worst types of men.

7 types of men who need to say "No" right away!


Recognizing the gigolo is not difficult at all: this type talks about money all the time. Most likely, he will invite you to some average lousy eatery and explain this by saying that right the day before he invested all the money somewhere. In a batch of new goods, for example. Oh yes, he has his own business, he does not work for his uncle! Alphonse will be constantly distracted by phone calls and smartly throwing orders into the phone to subordinates. Mythical subordinates. Because he doesn't have a damn thing - no money, no business, no subordinates. All he has is a well-suspended tongue. If you feel that you are being diligently talked about, put the stamp “Refuse!” in his personal file.

Mama's boy

You can deal with sissies, in principle, if they are already orphaned. Otherwise, alas: even if you are the type of woman who is ready to replace a mother for a man, no one will let you do this. Mother's sons are not born, they become - with the active participation of the mother herself. She will not give you her blood so easily, she will tear out your trachea with her teeth if she feels that you are going to move her off the pedestal. In general, you will not see the role of the main woman in his life. But we don’t advise you to vegetate in secondary roles either: mother will get you there and poke you in the brain with knitting needles. Well, she doesn't like you! And you will never like it. Ask why we do not say anything about a man? And he, in fact, as if not there: he serves as a repeater of the maternal will, and nothing more. So you will have to build relationships not with him, but with his mother. And this process does not depend on the fact that he has already been married five times, but his mother, who is 83 years old, will not just give up her positions. She ate five daughters-in-law, she will take over for you. Do you need it?


An alcoholic, a gambler, a drug addict - there are a lot of options, for every taste. It's better not to even start, because - what's the point? If you are not going to save him from addiction, then he is not dear to you. Well, come on. And if you are going, then it’s a pipe: there are no he althy relationships with addicts. What we have with them is called codependency. First, you selflessly save him from the terrible consequences of addiction, try to set him on the right path and return him to normal life, and then you yourself become addicted. From him. From this life scenario: save - lose, save - lose. You get hooked on these emotional swings just as easily as on drugs, and then it's even harder to get off. Because it's kinda good. You don't leave a person in trouble, sort of. Throw, throw. Not just him, but yourself. In five years, the real you will be nothing.


Let's leave the moral side of the question - in the end, he is an adult and is able to decide for himself whether he is ready or not to cheat on his wife. It's none of your business at all. Your job is not to hide your head in the sand and not close your eyes, but to admit to yourself that such stories usually do not end with anything good. Yes, it happens: people meet new love, get divorced and live happily ever after with a new partner. The problem is that even more often a young lady who has agreed to an affair with a married man remains in the status of a mistress - until she herself gets tired of it. It’s just that they don’t talk about it on every corner, because, in fact, there is nothing to brag about. In addition, not a single married man runs around on dates in search of a new big and pure love. Besides, sharing it with your wife is somehow unhygienic.


Recognizing the aggressor is very easy. Rude to the waiters? Zaboristo scolds the authorities? All around are scoundrels, is he alone d'Artagnan? Run. You yourself will not notice how he will begin to pour aggression on you. No, you are no exception, and the fact that he is rude to everyone except you does not make you special at all. He lisps around with you just so he doesn't scare you away.

Engineer of human souls

Oh, how subtly he feels, how well he understands people! Amazingly simple. He has a lot of interesting stories in store, because he notices things that the average person does not care about. How does he speak! Can't resist 'cause we love with our ears, yeah Ears, on which he has already hung one and a half kilograms of noodles - and this is just the beginning. Then he will begin to teach you to live and remake for yourself, Pygmalion is unfinished. And you will have to get out of this relationship, leaving pieces of skin on the barbed wire that he wraps around you.

Poor cat

This one knows where to hit and doesn't miss: straight to the heart, to the most unprotected point. He is so unhappy! Nobody understands him! But he will courageously overcome, rise from the ashes like a Phoenix bird, rebuff the cruel world and blah blah blah. I feel very sorry for him, poor thing. I want to warm, caress, feed and put to sleep. Now, if at this stage you do not say “No!” to him, you will have to do all this always. To contain this unrecognized genius and feel guilty that he has not achieved anything in life. He will surely tell you. All because of you, yeah! He gave his best years to you! And you are ungrateful! - still dare to demand something from him, from the sufferer. Terribly sad story, in general. Let him look for another benefactor.

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