5 signs of a destructive relationship

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5 signs of a destructive relationship
5 signs of a destructive relationship

There are relationships that need to end simply because you might end otherwise. Not literally, of course, you just change a lot - and not for the better. Because destructive relationships do not destroy something abstract, but specifically you. Psychologist Olga Kuznetsova told us about the main signs of a relationship that you need to run away from.

5 Signs of a Destructive Relationship

Olga Kuznetsova


You are cheating

If you do not talk about what worries you, try to embellish the truth or downplay the significance of some events, then you should think about it. Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to be a different person than you are?

The main advice is to be yourself. Be honest and frank with your partner and don't be afraid of not being accepted. If this happens, then it's for the best.

You are in isolation

If your relationship has already moved from the candy-bouquet stage to something more or less adequate, then social isolation is a warning sign. Codependency is an unhe althy relationship format, and social isolation does not allow you to grow and develop.

Negativity surrounds you

Unhe althy relationships lead to the fact that people show all the negative qualities. For example, you find yourself constantly to blame for all the problems and mistakes of your partner. You begin to believe that the responsibility for the happiness of your partner lies with you, and you should build your life based on this knowledge. Over time, in such a relationship, you will cease to be yourself and begin to walk through life on tiptoe so that you cannot be blamed for anything. Relationships in which you feel this way are toxic and can poison your life.

Another indicator of an unhe althy relationship is constant criticism and insults. These are all clear examples of emotional abuse. And of course, they simply cannot be allowed. And the important thing here is to stop making excuses for those who treat you like this.

Focus on partner

In an unhe althy relationship, the focus is on changing someone rather than working on yourself. If your relationship is built on respect, then no one will try to turn you into an ideal. If this happens, then this is the road to misfortune. In the right relationship and you respect your partner for who they are and don't turn them into your successful project.

Happy relationships themselves push us to become better and work on ourselves. If you're under pressure and losing confidence, it might be time to get off the love boat instead of waiting to be thrown overboard.

Lack of support

In the right relationship, you feel supported by your partner. Moreover, it is not necessary that he understands and shares all your aspirations and interests. He may not understand them, but still support them. In particular, this is a manifestation of respect for your outlook on life, your individuality. If you understand that the partner does not show interest and does not support your endeavors, then such a person is unlikely to be able to provide you with emotional support.

Disinterest and criticism over time will make you believe that your feelings, views and values ​​do not matter, which means that you yourself are not important to others. My advice: it is better to refuse such a partner than yourself.

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