Kate Winslet banned children from using social networks

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Kate Winslet banned children from using social networks
Kate Winslet banned children from using social networks

The actress said that she forbids her three children from using social networks, because she sees them as a serious threat to psychological development.

Kate Winslet bans kids from social media

Kate Winslet in an interview with the Sunday Times stated that she is an ardent opponent of social networks. She also added that this topic is forbidden in her house, and none of her children have their own pages on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

“All this has a profound effect on teenagers, especially girls: all they do is try to please other people. And how can this end? The development of an eating disorder. It just outrages me, because in our house social networks are banned,”the Sunday Times quotes the actress. But the star also admitted that she and husband Ned Rocknroll were addicted to their smartphones. That is why, according to the celebrity, they leave their mobile phones in the living room every night before going to bed and never bring them into the bedroom.

Recall, Kate is raising three children: 15-year-old daughter Mia and 11-year-old son Joe from two previous marriages and baby Bear, who will be two years old in December. Winslet met her current husband in 2011 on the private island of businessman Richard Branson, whose nephew is Ned. A year after they met, the lovers decided to get married, and in December 2013, the actress gave her husband a son, Beara.

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