Anna Sedokova spoke frankly about her relationship with her ex-husband

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Anna Sedokova spoke frankly about her relationship with her ex-husband
Anna Sedokova spoke frankly about her relationship with her ex-husband

The singer told how she managed to survive the divorce and build friendships with her second husband for the happiness of her youngest daughter Monica.

Anna Sedokova openly spoke about the relationship with the ex-husband

Former soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Anna Sedokova - mother of two daughters: 11-year-old Alina from her first marriage with a Belarusian football player Valentin Belkevichand four-year-old Monica from her second husband, businessman Maxim Chernyavsky. The singer told the press how she managed to create an atmosphere of a full-fledged family for her youngest daughter and improve relations with her last ex-husband.

In an interview with Telenedelya, the artist admitted that from childhood she was familiar with quarrels in the family, which she saw through the eyes of a child. “I remember well one picture from my childhood. Mom and dad are yelling at each other loudly, I stand in the door with my arms outstretched to detain dad, stop him, do at least something, but he pushes me away and leaves. I swore to myself: no matter what happens in the relationship between me and a man, no matter how hard it is for me, my child will not know about it. And since Max also has vivid memories of his parents' divorce, he agreed with me,” Anna shared.

Today, according to the singer, she and Chernyavsky have built a competent relationship and always help each other out. Therefore, girls see only mutual respect between their parents and no quarrels. “My children are happy. They are unaware of my relationship problems. Alina has always been sure that her dad is kind and correct, he is a famous football player and works hard. Monica generally regularly spends as much time with her father as they both want. If I leave, Max stays with the children, if he leaves, I live with them. We had different periods - from love to hate and back, but at whatever stage we are, if he calls me and says: "I want to see my daughter," I answer: "Of course, come." No infringed ambitions, no division of children. I would like my parents to behave this way towards me,”Sedokova frankly admitted.

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