Beauty Dictionary: 20 beauty terms you need to know

Beauty Dictionary: 20 beauty terms you need to know
Beauty Dictionary: 20 beauty terms you need to know

The beauty industry is developing at such a speed that we sometimes do not have time to keep up with the emergence of new words! How does BB-cream differ from CC-and what are “highlighter” and “duofiber” after all? So that these questions do not arise anymore, we have compiled a beauty dictionary of the 20 most common beauty terms especially for you.

The Beauty Dictionary: 20 Beauty Terms You Need to Know

BB cream

BB-cream (blemish balm - “balm for imperfections) is a universal remedy that performs several functions at once. First of all, it masks skin imperfections and even fine wrinkles, but at the same time moisturizes and protects from the sun. Interestingly, initially, BB cream-like products were used exclusively as therapeutic formulations for people who underwent plastic surgery. The texture of BB-cream is denser than that of CC-, but the pigment in it is slightly less than, for example, in foundation.

CC cream

CC creams are a special type of foundation that contains a minimum of pigment. The abbreviation CC itself means color correction, that is, “color correction”. CC-cream is able to cope with two tasks at once: perfectly moisturize the skin and mask minor imperfections, bumps, redness.


Buff is a special soft file for polishing nails, which is usually used at the end of a manicure to make the plate shine and remove bumps.

Gel Booster

Gel Booster is a product primarily for fine hair that provides volume. Unlike varnish, the booster does not stick the hair together, helps the hairstyle to remain “moving”, but at the same time does not have a strong fixation. The booster is applied to clean, slightly damp hair, it is also suitable for creating basal volume.


Glitter (aka shimmer) - to put it simply and in Russian, it's glitter. Do not confuse glitter with highlighter - it cannot brighten certain areas, but simply adds shine to the face, not always natural.


Duofiber is an all-purpose makeup brush. Consists of half natural pile, half synthetic, due to this it does not absorb too much foundation, beautifully and evenly blends blush, highlighter, applies powder in a thin layer, etc. In a word, a very convenient tool!


Kayal is called not only the mucous part of the eye on the lower eyelid, but also a special soft pencil with which it is brought down. A kayal pencil can be of any color - black, white, brown, gray … It is distinguished from a regular pencil by softness and antiseptic agents in the composition.



Contouring (aka contour makeup) is a type of make-up, when facial features are modeled with the help of concealers, foundation and highlighter. The nose can be made thinner, the cheekbones sharper, the chin smaller … Contouring is a favorite technique of Kim Kardashian and other stars.


Concealer (aka corrector) is a foundation that contains the maximum amount of coloring pigment. Due to its dense texture, it can hide pimples, bruises under the eyes, redness. In a word, the concealer copes with the fact that ordinary creams cannot do it. It is usually sold as a stick or in small tubes.


Meteorites are blush or powder in the form of balls, the most popular and iconic brands are produced by Guerlain. Meteorites usually do not give a pronounced tint, giving the skin only a slight glow.



Patches are face masks or just stickers under the eyes from swelling that stick to the skin.


Plumper is a lip volumizer that looks like a regular gloss, but contains irritant ingredients that cause swelling (for example, red pepper or ginger). After application, the plumper causes a slight tingling or burning sensation, and a slight swelling of the lips appears.


Make-up base (aka primer) is needed in order to protect the skin and help cosmetics last longer. The primer evens out the skin, even helps hide enlarged pores, prolongs the durability of makeup for several hours. Primer is most often in the form of a cream or gel.


A remover is any make-up remover - these are all foams, gels, milks, two-phase lotions, etc., which cleanse the skin of cosmetics. Remover can be for the whole face or just for the eyes.


Serum, or cosmetic serum is a drug with a high concentration of biologically active substances. Unlike regular cream, the serum acts more actively. The consistency of the serum is liquid, which is why tonal products of a similar texture are also called serums. Serums are found for a variety of purposes - anti-wrinkle, to nourish the skin, hair, eyelashes, etc.


Strobing is a special type of make-up, when separate areas on the face (forehead, bridge of the nose, chin, cheekbones) are highlighted with the help of a highlighter. This achieves the effect of youthful, radiant, glossy skin.


Highlighter can be loose or creamy. This is a tool for creating radiance and highlighting certain areas of the skin. Unlike glitter, the highlighter does not contain glitter, but has a smooth, almost pearlescent surface after application. Most often, highlighters are light or with a pinkish tint.


Fiber is used for styling short or medium length hair. It is similar in texture to a paste. The main task of the fiber is to make the hairstyle more structural, highlight individual strands and provide elastic fixation.

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