How to grow your hair: 10 best remedies for split ends

How to grow your hair: 10 best remedies for split ends
How to grow your hair: 10 best remedies for split ends

Split ends are a problem that every woman with long hair faces. As soon as you have grown your hair to the desired length, it is time to cut off these dry and split ends - and sometimes you have to remove even more sentiment than you could let go in six months. How to deal with split ends? We know!

How to Grow Your Hair: 10 Best Remedies for Split Ends

Split ends treatment

Frequent washing, blow-drying, and not moisturizing enough will leave your mermaid hair looking completely unmarketable at the ends. If they split, look dry and fluffy, then it's time to get a split-end product that will solve this problem. We've rounded up the top 10!

Sérum Thérapiste Serum by Kérastase

This bi-phasic serum intensely hydrates and repairs dry ends, even if you think you can't save them. The tool is universal - you can apply it both on wet hair before styling (then it will have a thermal protection effect), and on dry hair during the day to give it shine.

Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive Express Conditioner

If your hair is so tangled that you can't comb through it without damaging it, use an express conditioner that is applied to dry hair. It instantly smoothes, makes the tips moisturized and elastic, so you can easily comb through. It is usually the split ends that are the most tangled, so the product solves the most unpleasant problem.

CHI Deep Brilliance SILKERATIN 17 Complex Cream by CHI

This split-end complex with keratin is ideal for those who can't grow their hair out due to dryness. The principle of action is similar to a nourishing mask. However, unlike a mask, it does not weigh down the hair, it is enough to apply on the hair for a few minutes and rinse.

Split Ends Leave On Cream by CocoChoco

Genius thing - apply after washing instead of hair balm and forget about dry ends. The cream compensates for the lack of nutrients and vitamins in the split ends of the hair, thickens the hair structure, preventing further splitting. By the way, this product is free of sulfates, artificial fragrances and parabens.

Londa's Visible Repair Tip Balm

This balm with almond oil and proteins is formulated for dry and porous hair. The principle of action is such that the more your ends are depleted, the more nutrients the hair will “eat”, so even the driest hair can be restored with a balm.

Pantene Instant Recovery Serum

The leave-in serum is for those who want to get their hair in order quickly - here and now. Can be applied to wet or dry hair, the main thing is to do it regularly, and soon you will notice that split ends are really he althier.

Super Strong Liquid Treatment by Paul Mitchell

This revitalizing spray contains seaweed extracts and vegetable proteins, nourishes the hair with essential nutrients, promotes the production of its own proteins. You can combine the spray with any styling product, spray it on your ends throughout the day, or use it as a thermal protection. In a word, the tool is very useful and completely universal - an excellent solution to the problem of how to get rid of split ends!

Perfect Ends Care by System Professional

This treatment is designed specifically for split ends and hair tired of coloring and styling. Well, the tool is very economical - just 3-4 drops are enough to quickly restore the tips, and if you use the care daily, then there will soon be no need to cut the split ends.

Extreme Length Split End Treatment by Redken

Another leave-in that will save you from a ruthless hairdresser who always cuts five centimeters instead of one! Redken care should be applied immediately after washing the hair, and for the best effect, the procedure can be repeated again - as soon as you finish drying. The formula of the product strengthens the protein bonds in the hair structure - that is, it acts from the inside.

Wella Professionals Nourishing End Elixir

Wella Elixir contains several nutrients needed to restore hair. These are panthenol (normalizes the work of the hair follicles, increasing the density of the hair structure), vitamin E (an antioxidant, minimizes the damaging effects of the environment on the hair) and shea butter. If you want the ends to be nourished and moisturized, use the elixir on wet hair after each shampoo. And soon you will be able to forget about split ends!

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