I love my job! 5 tips for resolving conflicts in the workplace

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I love my job! 5 tips for resolving conflicts in the workplace
I love my job! 5 tips for resolving conflicts in the workplace

We spend a third of our lives at work, so it's important to feel happy here. Business coach Elizaveta Efremova offers to consider five difficult situations that can ruin your mood and undermine your self-confidence. But now you can definitely do it!

I love my job! 5 tips for resolving conflicts in the workplace

I'm new

The adaptation period will last 2-3 weeks, and then there will be an “adaptation crisis”, the first conflicts may begin when you do something wrong, against the rules. Well, then - the usual working days!

I'm the boss now

Best of all, if your boss can introduce you to colleagues in your new capacity, but if this does not happen, arrange a general meeting and announce everything yourself - but be sure to refer to the organization, order, new concept: "Me appointed as your leader, so let's get to know each other in this role.”

Do not try to talk about the new state of affairs with each of the subordinates personally - this is not an option. Gather everyone, sit at the head of the table - and speak on behalf of the company. Trying to be friends and work at the same time just won't work - put up with it. During the adaptation period, remember: everything you do in a new capacity will be used against you, all your mistakes will be noticed. Building new relationships with old colleagues always goes through conflict, and there is no need to be afraid of it.

My boss is a workaholic

You will have to decide: either your boss is a workaholic, with whom it is interesting to cooperate and you are ready to compromise, or you need another job and another boss.

The leader can load you with work not out of harm or the desire to "drown", but because he does not see the whole picture, does not understand that you are not coping. Feel free to give him detailed feedback, it will improve both the situation and your relationship.

If you're really failing at your job, it's entirely possible that you're trying to do things on your own that should have been divided into several employees for a long time. This is a dangerous situation, in such a job there is a big risk of simply burning out.

My boss doesn't like me

Instead of thinking different unpleasant things about the boss, try to understand what exactly you have a misunderstanding. The main rule of successful communication is to always come to the boss with solutions, be able to argue them, showing different sides

question and further, already thought out plan of action. In fact, he is the customer of your work, he pays you, so make an effort to become more persuasive.

The boss is not your parent or teacher, he is not obliged to cheer you up, praise you, understand you. You are only working together on a common project, so try to separate your emotions from the workflow.

Which side am I on

In any organization it is impossible to do without conflicts, they are inevitable as a sign of growth and development of the company. Constructive conflict helps employees to openly express their opinions, make effective group decisions.

If the conflict is not directly related to your interests, just ignore it. When it comes down to it, it's important to be constructive. Attempts to justify themselves, to blame the other side for everything, only exacerbate the conflict. Instead of emotions, showdowns and finding the guilty, it’s better to decide together what you can do so that the situation does not happen again, how to fix it.

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