Did you call the masters? 4 essential rules when choosing an assistant on the Internet

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Did you call the masters? 4 essential rules when choosing an assistant on the Internet
Did you call the masters? 4 essential rules when choosing an assistant on the Internet

Online services allow you to solve almost any problem, whether it is the selection of a tutor or the search for clowns for a children's party. How to choose assistants on the Internet, says Elena Kartysheva, head of customer service at PROFI.RU, a service for the selection of private specialists.

Did you call the masters? 4 essential rules when choosing an assistant on the Internet

Choose a professional with reviews. The more reviews a specialist has, the better. Make sure the reviews are real. This is easy enough to check: if the site does not have a “leave a review” box in the public domain, then the reviews are real, because in this case the client can leave a comment only after the order is completed.

Give preference to trusted professionals. The specialist's questionnaire should contain information that he has been tested or certified. The safest way is to order specialists on large online services that can provide you with support in disputable situations.

Choose services where the masters give quality assurance. There are few such resources, but they should be given preference.


Experience and qualifications of a teacher are, of course, important, but not in all cases. For example, if you are faced with the task of successfully passing the exam, sometimes it is better to seek help from a student who recently passed it himself and knows all the nuances than to look for a top teacher with the highest qualifications who has never passed a single exam.

Check with your instructor if they can provide you with study materials. Many tutors are willing to share copies of the textbooks and manuals they are studying, which can significantly save on the purchase of literature.

Talk to your teacher about the duration of the lesson in advance. Most often, tutors take as a basis an academic hour - 40 minutes. If you want to practice longer, you need to discuss it.


Check. The master must necessarily pass an internal check or certification, which is carried out by the service where you found him. Certification includes verification of all documents, personal interview and professional competence test.

One of the most important factors when choosing a master is the availability of guarantees. A good master, who is responsible for the result of his work, always gives a guarantee, which should be written in the contract. If you want to protect yourself as much as possible, hire only those craftsmen who are ready to sign a contract with you. If during the first conversation on the phone you found a common language with the master and reached a complete understanding, then most likely it will be easy for you to work with this person. If at the first contact something raised doubts, then it may be worth considering other candidates.

Beauty Specialists

When studying the pictures of the work of a hairdresser or beautician, pay attention to the photos from the category "before and after" - they show the result of the work more clearly. It is very important to be sure that all the photos that you see on a particular resource are verified by this site and have an appropriate watermark on them. This is evidence that the presented photos really belong to the master. If in the photo in the questionnaire you see a master whose image appeals to you, it is very likely that you will be satisfied with his work. This item is rather important for those who want to find a hair stylist, makeup artist or beautician. That is why it is better to choose masters with photos in the questionnaire.

After carefully studying the reviews, you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of the master and conclude whether you want to become his client.

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