9 things that happen to you while you sleep

9 things that happen to you while you sleep
9 things that happen to you while you sleep

Everyone knows that you need to sleep at least eight hours a day. But what happens to you during these eight hours? It turns out that quite a lot of interesting things.

9 things that happen to you while you sleep

Every time you fall asleep you twitch

And according to experts studying the physiology of sleep, the sharpness of your pre-sleep twitches directly depends on your fatigue. The more tired the body, the sharper the twitch will be.

You're cooling down

When we are active during the day, we burn more calories and our body temperature is much higher. Our sleep is the transfer of all functions to an economical mode. And it turns out that every night we become a little like bears in hibernation: we breathe less often, our heart rate slows down, metabolic processes slow down.

You cleanse while you sleep

While the muscles are relaxed, the liver and kidneys work to cleanse the body of toxins. As a result, you wake up refreshed in body and mind. People with sleep disorders do not clear as effectively. That's why people who can't sleep for a long time act like a little crazy.

You forget extra information

In the process of sleep, most of the information that we received over the past day is erased from our memory. What remains in memory is only that which was associated with strong feelings or repeated many times.

Your body is still, but your brain is more active than during the day

During sleep, the muscles consume less oxygen and almost all of it goes to the brain. However, this is not the reason. In fact, scientists still haven't figured out why our brains work so furiously when we sleep. But, even without knowing the reasons, it is quite possible to use it. If you formulate a task to think about before going to bed, the brain can process it and come up with a ready-made solution in the morning. Many discoveries happened in a dream.

All the cells of the body (and the brain too) are repaired

Recovery processes of the body most actively occur in a dream. That's why if you don't get enough sleep, you feel like you've been beaten the day before.

Your immune system is activated too

One study showed that if a person is deprived of sleep the next night after vaccination, he will not develop the antibodies necessary to protect against the virus. Therefore, if you feel the approach of the disease, sleep well, at least 10 hours.

You wake up 5 to 15 times an hour

30% of people briefly stop breathing every night

This phenomenon is called sleep apnea. It is most often associated with snoring (although snoring is not a prerequisite). 90% of people who experience sleep apnea are unaware of this feature. Meanwhile, people with sleep apnea live, on average, no longer than 58 years. Therefore, if you know that you snore, contact a specialist to diagnose possible problems in a timely manner.

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