A woman bit off the tongue of a criminal who tried to rape her

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A woman bit off the tongue of a criminal who tried to rape her
A woman bit off the tongue of a criminal who tried to rape her

She fought back in the most efficient way she could.

Woman bites off tongue of man who tried to rape her


In South Carolina, USA, a woman fought off an attack by biting off the attacker's tongue. He fled the scene of the crime, but was later detained when he sought medical help.

At 6:30 am, the victim of the attack heard an insistent knock on the door of her house. She looked through the peephole, but saw no one on the porch. After that, the knock on the door was repeated twice and she opened the door to understand who was breaking into the house so early and why.

A 16-year-old teenager with a knife was waiting for her on the porch. He put a knife to her chest and pushed her into the house. The woman tried to jump out into the street, but the criminal hit her several times and promised that if she did not resist, he would not torture her.

The attacker pulled the victim into the bedroom and tried to undress. The woman heartily kneed him in the groin, but that only angered him. He promised to kill her, fell on top and put his tongue into her mouth.

The only thing the victim could do was clench his jaw with all his might. So I bit off his tongue completely.

The criminal suddenly realized that he was not welcome here, and the prospect of losing the rest of his body does not appeal to him at all. And immediately ran away from this inhospitable house.

Arriving police found the victim of the attack in bruises and abrasions, the whole house in the blood of the intruder, a knife thrown in the courtyard of the house, and a bitten off tongue on the kitchen floor.

The woman was so shocked by the experience that she could not clearly describe the signs of the attacker, but it was not necessary.

When the teenage rapist returned home, his caring mother called an ambulance. At the hospital, he was immediately arrested and charged with armed entry into a house, attempted kidnapping, rape and attempted murder. One can only guess what the faces of the police officers looked like when the mandatory arrest phrase was said: “You have the right to remain silent…”.

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