Horoscope for November - what has the pig prepared for you?

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Horoscope for November - what has the pig prepared for you?
Horoscope for November - what has the pig prepared for you?

November - the beginning of the energy season of winter, during which the element of Water will confidently show its qualities. The combination of two opposite elements will lead to general disharmony, emotional tension and disagreements in various areas of life.

Horoscope for November - what has the pig prepared for you?

The Pig is the Star of the Traveler, which stimulates travel and relocation, planning for the January holidays. If you are planning to conceive, postpone it to the next month, as children born in August 2016 will not receive lucky stars. In November, the imbalance of water and fire can cause various inflammatory diseases, swelling, and kidney problems. Possible nervous breakdowns, the emergence of fears, insomnia. Relaxing massage, yoga, qigong, tai chi are recommended. Avoid starting important things on November 9, 13, 21, 25.


date of birth: February 4, 5 - March 5, 6

You are optimistic. There will be a new opportunity to improve the financial situation. But success can be followed by unexpected failure. On a business trip, you spend more than you gain. Tip of the Month: Weigh the pros and cons, especially when it comes to new leases, relocations, and travel. Things related to improving the situation at home will be successful.


date of birth: March 5, 6 - April 4, 5

Use your last chance this year to take on the things you've been putting off for a long time. You will feel as if you are on the threshold of something new. Don't be afraid to plan for the future.

The first half of the month is favorable for trips and travel. In the second half of November, you will be carried away by fruitful activities. Ambitions will increase, but do not overestimate your capabilities, this can lead to conflict at work.


date of birth: April 4, 5 - May 5, 6

In November, you want to live a life full of adventure, travel, communication, new love relationships. You allow yourself to be drawn into provocative and risky situations, wanting to test your limits. You are inspired by active participation in several social and business projects at once, experiencing a love affair and enjoying an exciting trip. You won't be bored this month.


date of birth: May 5, 6 - June 5, 6

At work, you will be popular and will be able to influence your colleagues and subordinates, and for some, act as a patron. You will want to bring a lively stream into relations with your soulmate and children. But this month, you are under the influence of a collision with the main energy of the month, which will bring anxiety and fuss into your life. Tip of the month: trust the universe, and then it will tell you exactly what is useful for others. Try to inspire, not pressure. Beware of electric shock, fire and be careful with alcohol.


date of birth: June 5, 6 - July 7, 8

This month you will have to forget about the rest. At work and at home, you will need a lot of organization and attention to detail. If you yourself do not mind your own business, then life will provide you with situations in which, whether you like it or not, you will have to get involved. Because of work, you have no time to deal with your personal life and new acquaintances. There will be no serious problems in the existing relationship, but small disagreements are possible at the end of the month.


date of birth: July 7, 8 - August 7, 8

You feel harmonious and will be popular with the opposite sex. This is a romantic period, so serious, deep relationships can be tied up. But in the middle of the month, the potential for deceptive connections arises, when feelings are so strong that the mind turns off and it is difficult to assess the situation. Look at the external signs and the reaction of friends and acquaintances to your couple - they are glad to see you alone or alone. This will help determine if you have met your destiny or a random partner.


date of birth: August 7, 8 - September 7, 8

Start doing things that you have been putting off for a long time and for various reasons. Thanks to the proper organization and planning of your time, you will be in time everywhere. This month you need to show your heart and soul qualities. At any time, be ready to help, morally or financially support family members, children, work colleagues. However, do not overdo it in showing emotions.


date of birth: September 7, 8 - October 8, 9

Changes in your personal life will come to your home. Bright, interesting and not bound by formal obligations new love relationships are possible. Those who are no longer alone will feel the need to bring newness to existing relationships and fill life with bright events. You want to give free rein to feelings and emotions. But do not forget about household chores. In your pursuit of having fun, you may end up alone.


date of birth: October 8, 9 - November 8, 9

Thanks to the innate diligence, the plan is finally starting to come true. You will feel a great influx of energy and a desire to act. The implementation of some work projects will improve the financial situation. Try to save money, as you will have planned, but quite significant expenses for the family budget. The planned plans will be realized only if you work in close cooperation with the team, and not alone. In personal life, wide prospects will open. You can start a new romance or strengthen an old connection.


date of birth: November 8, 9 - December 7, 8

This month you feel harmonious, but your new ideas and ambitious plans are not destined to be realized either this month or in the near future. November will be a very active, but ineffective month for you, when the efforts made will not lead to concrete achievements. This can lead to irritability and dissatisfaction. A trip to rest will not bring the expected satisfaction. Investments that are interesting at first glance will disappoint later, as they will be associated with additional unforeseen financial expenses and wasted time. This is a favorable period for updating the surrounding space, relationships with loved ones.

Don't risk it and stick to your plans.


date of birth: December 7, 8 - January 5, 6

The time has come for active action and increased responsibility for one's destiny. Be assertive and proactive, make new acquaintances, communicate with pleasure, talk about your ideas.

Life will provide you with situations in which you need to simultaneously show stability in striving for the intended goal and flexibility in choosing the path. At the end of the month, large, but unreasonable expenses are possible. Better invest in your he alth, get a full medical examination to identify weaknesses in the body.


date of birth: January 5, 6 - February 4, 5

In the month of the Pig, love relationships will come to the fore. Whether you like it or not, you will have to balance between work and personal life. You will probably change your place of residence or go on a long trip. In negotiations and when solving important issues, use charm. No one doubts your business qualities, but success will largely depend on the ability to get along with people and compromise. It's good to have a colleague of the opposite sex next to you at meetings who can smooth things over.

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