10 Ways to Look Perfect in Photos

10 Ways to Look Perfect in Photos
10 Ways to Look Perfect in Photos

Master these 10 perfect photo tricks and you'll never have to ask your friends not to tag you in photos!

10 Ways to Look Perfect in Photos

1. Choose lipstick or gloss in a cool shade

Coral or peach colors make your teeth look yellow! And cold tones, on the contrary, visually whiten them. The simple secret to a successful photo.

2. Get rid of the glitter

Nothing spoils a photo like a forehead and nose shiny with fat. Use a mattifying primer with silicone in the composition so as not to worry about excess shine, and just before shooting, blot your face with a regular tissue, only gently so as not to ruin your makeup.

3. Less powder

Even if it seems to you that you applied just a little, the photo may suddenly show obvious marks from the sponge on the middle of the forehead and cheeks. Apply powder only with a brush and blend oh-oh-very carefully, if you really can’t do without it. And don't forget about the neck and décolleté: the face 2-3 shades darker or lighter than the neck looks like a mask.

4. Do not use foundation with SPF

It contains reflective particles that will gladly "respond" to the flash, creating light glare not at all where you would like.

5. Remember the angle

How to take the perfect photo? Choose 5-6 photos in which you like yourself, and remember in which angle you look the most advantageous. Practice these positions in front of a mirror so you don't have to think about how to tilt your head and where to put your hands when taking pictures.

6. Follow the makeup

Lipstick marks, flaking eye shadow and other minor annoyances can ruin any photo.

7. Smile right

The ideal (for photography) smile looks like this: only the upper teeth are visible, and not to the base: the gum should be completely hidden. The edge of the upper teeth slightly touches the lower lip. Please don't do this stupid "duck".

8. Look slimmer

Want to know how to look good in a photo? Don't slouch! Raise your chin and turn halfway to the camera - this way you will lose a couple of kilograms. And to make your legs look longer, cross them and put one of them slightly forward.

9. Whiten your teeth

Seriously. Even homemade methods will refresh the color of the enamel, and nothing brightens up a photo like a beautiful smile! And we have already mastered it in paragraph 7.

10. Make a face

If you know you don't look your best and you can't get away from taking a photo with your friends, just put your hand to your nose, use your fingers to make a Zorro mask or Batman glasses, or at least squint one eye and stick out your tongue. Funny is never scary!

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