How to care for bags properly

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How to care for bags properly
How to care for bags properly

Have you finally bought the Bag of Your Dreams, and there is no limit to your happiness? Do not rush to rest on fashionable laurels - in order to continue to please you with your purchase, you need competent care of your bag!

20 life hacks to help you take care of your favorite bag

We all know how important it is to take care of your shoes in order to prolong their life, but not only they need your attention. We've rounded up 20 easy hacks to help you save your favorite leather bag!

Wash your bag once a week with soapy water

To do this, mix some liquid soap with warm water and use a soft cloth to wipe the outside of the bag with the resulting solution. So you can remove the dust and dirt that has settled on your pet all week.

Be sure to wipe moisture from the bag

So you will not let the leather surface deteriorate under the influence of water. Do not use wet wipes, vinegar or stain removers for cleaning. All these products are characterized by aggressive chemical environment, which can ruin the color, dry out the skin and create many more unpleasant problems.

Leave stain removal to the professionals

Caring for a leather bag at home is fine if there are no large stains and dirt. But the best thing you can do for your bag in the event of a stain that doesn't come off with soapy water is to take it to the dry cleaners or the store you bought it from. If the situation is such that this is not possible, try special products for removing stains from leather, after carefully studying the instructions.

Old Stains - Dry Clean Only

If special products can save you in the case of fresh stains, then professional help is indispensable in the case of old stains.

Maintain the shape of the bag while not wearing it

Easy to make - you can just put folded old T-shirts inside (they must be clean!). But it is better to refuse the Soviet life hack in the form of newspapers and magazine pages - the paint can leave marks on the lining.

Don't wash greasy stains with water

Simple try to wipe them off the leather surface of the bag with a dry soft cloth.

Use special care products

And do not forget that these products should not be washed off or washed off immediately after application. High-quality special equipment will not be cheap, but it will significantly help you in the noble cause of extending the "marsupial" life.

Use products designed for your specific skin type

Believe me, the ingredients for suede and leather are far from identical. You don't use body cream as a face cream, let alone eye cream, do you? Here the same principle. It is important to choose the right leather bag care products.

Always test before use

You can do this on the inside of the bag that no one can see.

Don't touch the bag after using hand cream

Otherwise, greasy stains, and with them the subsequent expenses for dry cleaning, will not keep you waiting.

Don't forget the boot

Your bag was sold in it not for beauty. The best way to keep bags from dust and dirt while you are not wearing them has not yet been figured out. Storage is also part of the care of a genuine leather bag.

If the boot was not included, look for an alternative

And she - the alternative - is ridiculously simple. Many stylists advise storing bags in… regular pillowcases!

Use twill ribbons and scarves

Twilly (a special silk ribbon produced by the House of Hermès) is not only decorative - it also protects the handles from getting dirty. It is not necessary to constantly wrap the handles of the bag with ribbons and scarves, but from time to time this accessory will give a rest to the leather surface and at the same time draw attention to your image.

Do not leave your bag in direct sunlight

The sun can cause color fading and even damage to the leather surface of the bag.

Try not to wear light colored bags with dark clothes

The dye that was used in the production of clothing may leave marks on the bag. Removing them will not be easy even for professionals.

Shoe paint - for stains that cannot be removed

If even the dry-cleaner couldn't cope with the stain, you can try to apply a little coloring special product for shoes (it should perfectly repeat the color of the bag!).

Do not use softening soaps or shoe polish

With a probability of 99.9%, the use of such products will ruin the leather on your bag.

Don't fight bad smells with perfumes and aerosols

If your bag smells bad, then try to find out the reason (by the way, you can help with this in dry cleaning), and not spray perfume and aerosols on the bag.

Use baking powder to get rid of smell

In the fight against unpleasant odors, baking powder can help you! Put the opened package inside the bag, then put it in the dust bag and leave it for 24 hours. Most often, this time is enough for the baking powder to absorb unwanted odors.

We hope these rules will help you take care of your bag!

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