10 shows to watch together

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10 shows to watch together
10 shows to watch together

In autumn it's time to put aside the dreams of a barbecue in the country in a distant drawer and study a selection of TV shows that you can watch together with your lover.

10 series to watch together


A new series that has won the hearts of viewers from all over the world. According to the plot, a military nurse from the 40s of the XX century Claire Randall (by the way, she is married) somehow magically moves in time and turns out to be … in 1743. You understand, the adventure is so-so charming: wars, kilts on men and complete unsanitary conditions. Who knew that it was there, in another time, that she would meet the man she was destined to love? All in all, definitely check it out! After all, the chances of one of you ending up in a different century are negligible.

How I Met Your Mother

“How I Met Your Mother” is an atypical series about Ted, about how he fell in love, and about how the twists and turns of fate sometimes interfere with human plans. It all started with the fact that Ted, the main character of the series, sits his children on the sofa and tells the story of how he met their mother. And the story unfolds for 9 seasons!


This series about six friends seems to need no introduction. The cult comedy that has become the hallmark of the NBC channel in America. More than a decade later, Friends is still loved, watched and laughed at every episode. In general, an ideal option for joint viewing.

Masters of Sex

The series tells the story of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson as they explored the Human Sexual Response Cycle. Their work led colleagues to extraordinary results both in their personal lives and in the whole history, because they are the pioneers of the sexual revolution!

Rules of living together

USA, 2007-2013

Absolutely funny and witty series about how people build their relationships. In the center of the plot are two couples - one couple has been living together for more than 15 years, and the other was formed quite recently. And, of course, each side tries to give the other "good advice" in love. And who is the best joker? Of course, the fifth character is a bachelor!

House of Cards

USA, 2013

A little spice for your weekend - the series "House of Cards". The story of a congressman who was deceived by his own president. The series is about revenge, about power, about family and human qualities.

Happy ending

USA, 2011-2013

All love stories are similar to each other: here they get acquainted, here they fall in love, and they need to go through a thousand trials in the name of their love, and only then, after all this hell, you can get married. But "Happy Ending" decided to start his story from the opposite - with the complete collapse of love. The main character decided to leave her fiancé right before the wedding. And everything would be fine, but they have four mutual friends who will have to decide whose side they are on.

New Girl

Living alone with three guys? The beginning seems to be more suitable for an erotic film. But down with the stereotypes! The New Girl is a completely charming and innocent story about Jessica, a fun-loving elementary school teacher who moves into a new apartment after yet another failed romance. And there, her neighbors turn out to be three of the same cheerful guys.

Happily Ever After

The main characters of the series - Eddie and Joy - live and do not know troubles for a very long time. But at one point, something goes wrong, because their new neighbors are newlyweds Steve and Kat. The neighbors begin to give each other advice about love and family, which leads to many comical situations that they then have to deal with.

My family

Family is the most important people in our lives. But what do you do when these important people make your life a living hell? We must immediately make a reservation that "My Family" is not a drama or horror, but a very hilarious comedy that shows the life of the family from the inside with all the nuances, secrets and skeletons in the closet of each member of the Harper family.

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