Accepting yourself is not so difficult: 6 steps to victory over complexes

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Accepting yourself is not so difficult: 6 steps to victory over complexes
Accepting yourself is not so difficult: 6 steps to victory over complexes

The word "complex" comes from the word "complex". Indeed, it is not easy to live when you do not accept some part of yourself. How to simplify your life and learn how to deal with complexes? Let's try to decompose the complexes into their component parts, and what will we have left? A lot of details, harmless, like a children's designer.

Self-acceptance is not so difficult: 6 steps to victory over complexes

Understand to win

You need to know the enemy by sight - the same with complexes. It is important to admit to yourself that your dislike for some feature of your own appearance or character is precisely a complex. And to understand what prevents you from living is the rejection of yourself, and not the shape of the legs or nose.

First of all, we must try to understand where they come from. Most often, psychologists say that we all come from childhood - but this does not end there. We can get a complex even at an older age through the fault of an experienced tragedy or even just a careless word. Most have experienced self-doubt at least once in their lives, but it is up to everyone to cultivate it or fight it.

One girl had the imprudence to flirt with a former military man who served in "hot spots". "How old do you think I am?" she asked playfully, obviously expecting a hefty discount. The interlocutor named the number with ruthless accuracy and condescendingly added: “We were taught to determine the age in order to identify the corpses. A woman is betrayed by her hands and neck.” The next time this girl was seen in a high, under the throat, collar and mitt gloves. Done: the complex has arisen.

Although, if you figure out what's wrong with age? Are there many such pros among those around you? And finally, does she really care what some tactless type thinks of her?

And now what to do with the understanding of where the complex's legs grow from?

Pout all your life on someone who told us something wrong? Find the guilty and nurture resentment? Here's another, there was a desire to waste time.

It is not people who give birth to complexes in us. It's that we attached too much importance to their words.

Because of what we most often complex?

Because of those traits that distinguish us from others or from some imaginary ideal. Now imagine a world full of people, identical as clones. And perfect as mannequins. Apocalyptic picture, right?

Just accept that everyone is different from the template in some way.

Uninhibited people are not always perfect

Look at the celebrities - they are so well groomed and look so confident. Meanwhile, many of them are small in stature or with not very good skin. Today, some of them will lose extreme weight for filming, and tomorrow they will be full of pies, and all publications, including ours, will publish close-ups of their cellulite.

Let's say a seditious thing: it's good to look at such pictures. But not with the thought “Look, I've eaten my ass! I'm still nothing against her background. And with the thought: “Well done: I wanted to spit on all the paparazzi, continues to move forward, act in films / sing songs / fight for the rights of animals, and most importantly - smile broadly.” Because fat comes and goes, but the habit of striving for something remains.

By the way, how did they become famous? How do they manage to radiate charisma and maintain self-confidence under any circumstances? Maybe they didn't have complexes?

Daniil Strakhov, actor: “From my point of view, actors are one of the most insecure people on the globe! It is precisely then, in order to step over their complexes, that most of the actors are served "(in an interview with the magazine" MK-Boulevard ").

Many celebrities admitted to their children's complexes: from Georgy Vitsin to Bruce Willis.

Uninhibited people are simply those who understand the importance of resisting the power of their own shortcomings, building on their achievements, and treating failure as a lesson, not a complete failure.

Make friends with flaws

We often think that it is possible to defeat the complexes if we eradicate the shortcomings. But how much better to make peace with them! Turn curiosity into curiosity, envy into a desire to achieve the intended goals (there, you see, there will be no time to think about how to outrun a neighbor - more worthy intentions will appear). Controlled laziness becomes the ability to relax, which is so lacking in workaholics.

And speaking of looks, we all remember what a mole, a nose and a gap between the teeth did for the careers of Cindy Crawford, Barbra Streisand and Brigitte Bardot.

Important to understand: no one is looking at you under a microscope

Do you think everyone pays attention to every square millimeter of your body? No matter how. Only you notice your supposedly "incredibly huge" pores. Your ears are only noticed when you frantically try to cover them with hair (also with the words “Oh, I have such protruding ears”, yeah). The shape of your foot is only of interest to an orthopedist.

You are full of the same people around you, with their own secret doubts, with their own ears and pores. If they seem more confident, it means they have learned to hide their complexes.

Or finally managed to overcome them, having won the fight against complexes.

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