Anti-cellulite body wrap at home

Anti-cellulite body wrap at home
Anti-cellulite body wrap at home

There are many methods to combat cellulite, but the most affordable and effective of them is an anti-cellulite body wrap at home. We will suggest several recipes for this procedure and talk about how to do it correctly.

Anti-cellulite body wrap at home

Anti-cellulite body wrap procedure has many advantages. Firstly, in the process of wrapping, blood circulation improves, swelling disappears and pores are cleansed. Secondly, the skin becomes smoother and firmer, and stretch marks and scars are less noticeable. And thirdly, it is a very affordable and easy way to get rid of cellulite without spending time and money. By the way, the method has several contraindications - it is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as for those who have problems with blood vessels and the heart, skin diseases or kidney disease.

How to make homemade anti-cellulite body wraps

Anti-cellulite body wrap recipe

How to find the best anti-cellulite body wrap? Try different recipes to find the one that works best for you. They can be cold and hot. Hot ones are more effective for weight loss, but they have their own contraindications (for example, varicose veins and other vascular diseases). Ideally, alternate the two types of treatments with each other, doing them a couple of times a week for one month. The course can be repeated every 6-8 months.

Anti-cellulite wrap at home with clay

  • Clay. For a recipe for anti-cellulite wraps, you will need blue clay, which can be bought at a pharmacy. Dilute it with warm water, mix well and apply on the skin for half an hour. The skin will become more even and elastic, blood circulation and metabolism will improve.
  • With oil. It is recommended to use any vegetable oils as a base, for example, olive, almond, sesame and more. You need to add 2-4 drops of essential oil to the base (for example, juniper or any other whose smell you like). Apply the mixture to problem areas for 50-60 minutes, wrap with cling film and wrap with a blanket.

Anti-cellulite honey wrap at home

Many believe that honey is the basis for the best anti-cellulite body wrap. There are several ways to make it:

  • With milk. For 3 tbsp. liquid honey take 5 tbsp. dry milk. Dilute with warm water to a creamy consistency, apply to the skin for half an hour.
  • With honey and yolk. Mix 3 tbsp. liquid honey with yolk, add 2-3 drops of citrus essential oil. Apply the mixture for 30-50 minutes.

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