Wedding anniversary: ​​wooden, silver, gold and more

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Wedding anniversary: ​​wooden, silver, gold and more
Wedding anniversary: ​​wooden, silver, gold and more

What do we know about wedding anniversary? Everyone has heard of gold and silver weddings, but that's not all! Every year this event has its own name and tradition. See our list of wedding anniversaries by year!

Wedding anniversary: ​​wooden, silver, gold and more

Wedding anniversaries: their names by year

We will not list all the wedding anniversaries, because often there is nothing behind the name - neither history nor customs. Let's highlight only the most important holidays.

Marriage Day - green wedding

This is the name of not only the day of the ceremony itself, but the whole year after it. Green color is a symbol of youth and freshness. That is why it is customary to decorate the holiday with flower bouquets.

First wedding anniversary - calico

There are several versions of the origin of the name "chintz wedding". According to one of them, it is believed that the relationship of the newlyweds in the first year is fragile, like chintz. On the other - that the young husband and wife are so active in bed that all linen quickly becomes unusable. Hence the gifts for the first year - bedding sets and other home textiles.

2 years - paper

Relationships after a couple of years of marriage are still fragile, passion passes and conflicts arise - the family is still fragile, like paper. Therefore, paper gifts such as posters, calendars, photo albums, books and paintings are given on the anniversary.

3 years - leather

The newlyweds have learned to live together, find compromises and be flexible like skin. According to tradition, you need to give leather products (bags, wallets, key rings) so that the desire to meet each other does not disappear.

5 years - wooden

The first serious wedding anniversary on the list, in which the family is usually compared to a solid and solid house made of wood, which is not afraid of fluctuations in the family climate. On this day, it is considered a good omen if a husband and wife plant a tree together, and the guests give wooden gifts.

10 years old - pink

The tenth wedding anniversary is also called pewter. According to tradition, the holiday should be celebrated magnificently - almost the same as the wedding day itself, inviting all the guests who were present there. It is accepted to give flower bouquets and everything that creates a romantic mood.

15 years - glass

On this anniversary, the table is served with glassware and crystal, and they also try to wear light clothes in light colors. Guests do not have to think much about gifts - give dishes and glass interior items. It is a good omen to break dishes at the festive table.

20 years - porcelain wedding

A real anniversary for the family. This anniversary is called "porcelain", as it is believed that the dishes given to the family at the very beginning have already been broken. Accordingly, you need to give porcelain products.

25 years - silver wedding

One of the most famous holidays. As the name suggests, gifts must be made of silver. And the husband and wife, according to tradition, exchange silver rings on this day as a sign of eternal love. You can wear them with wedding bands. 17 Secrets to a Long Marriage.

30 years - pearl

On this anniversary, the husband gives his wife a pearl necklace, which should contain exactly thirty beads. But other jewelry is also suitable, such as pearl earrings.

50 years - golden wedding

A very important date for every family. As a rule, on this anniversary, a husband and wife exchange new gold wedding rings, and the old ones are inherited. You can even arrange a solemn marriage ceremony.

60 years - diamond wedding

On the 60th wedding year, it is customary to give crystal dishes to a family as strong as a real diamond. Or, if finances permit, diamond jewelry.

100 years - red

Yes, yes, and it happens! Very few couples have survived to this wedding anniversary over the years. We wish your family to become one of them and celebrate the 100th anniversary of your love!

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