10 life hacks for raising small children and order in the house

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10 life hacks for raising small children and order in the house
10 life hacks for raising small children and order in the house

"Parents are a hunting and gathering tribe. Hunting for a runaway child and collecting what he scattered.”

Great hacks for little kids. 10 parenting tips from around the world

If this idea is close to you, you probably wondered, “how do others cope?”. We have collected the 10 best life hacks from around the world from real parents.

Make a mark for toilet paper

Now your kids will know exactly how much paper they need to roll at a time, and you won't have to buy two rolls every day. Yes, and plumbers will have less work to do: one of the most common causes of clogged toilets is a paper mummy drowned in it.

Make it easy for them to wash their hands

Two- and three-year-olds find it difficult to reach the water jet. So that you don't have to hold them on your hands every time, make this simple device.

Children's "makeup" without the need to wash

If your daughter insists she needs your eyeshadow to play with, make her a toy set out of empty eyeshadow containers and cover them with different colored nail polish. And the child is happy, and there will be no garbage in the apartment.

Turn lunch into a game

Make a smorgasbord for a naughty kid out of an ice mold

Vegetable ice cream

If your child turns up his nose at fresh vegetables, try making ice cream out of them. Just mix the puree with a blender and put it in the freezer in a mold with a popsicle stick for two hours. Children often react to an unusual form of treat, and even if the "dessert" is not sweet, they will eat it simply because "it's such ice cream."

Toothpaste and drawings

Markers and pencil marks can in most cases be removed with a drop of toothpaste on a wet sponge.

Playing with the door

If your little one constantly comes out of his room at night "ma-aaam, and I'm still …", you can arrange a game with him. Put a few marks on the floor with colored tape. For each exit out of the door, close the door by one space. Going to the toilet, of course, does not count. Children hate both losing and sleeping with the door closed.

Glue gun and non-slip slippers

With a hot glue gun and melted PE you can make the soles of your baby's indoor shoes much safer. (Photo caption: "Scarlett")

Bonus Tip: If you've been given socks to wear in the cabin on a long flight, save a pair or two for your child. Soft socks with rubber airplanes in the form of an application on the sole will not only protect against falls, but also delight children with their appearance.

Make a home game

Kids love ball pools and you can earn Parents of the Year by making one at home. Inflatable pool and soft balls. Balls can be made from balloons threaded into one another. The double shell will prevent them from bursting quickly.

Child parking

To be sure that the children do not run away in the parking lot while you take turns unloading them, put stickers on the car on one side and make a rule that the one who got out first parks at the car in his place and waits for the others.

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