The Meladze brothers spoke about their families with the ex-soloists of VIA Gra

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The Meladze brothers spoke about their families with the ex-soloists of VIA Gra
The Meladze brothers spoke about their families with the ex-soloists of VIA Gra

Famous brothers frankly spoke about their relationship with the ex-soloists of the VIA Gra group, and Konstantin also commented for the first time on an accident in which a 30-year-old woman died under the wheels of his car.

The Meladze brothers spoke about their families with the ex-soloists of VIA Gra

Brothers Valery and Konstantin Meladze have been delighting fans with their creative success for over 20 years and are actively sharing new beginnings and projects with the public. But very little is known about the personal life of the artists. Each of them prefers not to advertise their relationships with women and not talk about loved ones.

However, recently the fate of the famous brothers has undergone dramatic changes. So, in December 2012, on the 32nd kilometer of the Kyiv-Obukhov highway, a car accident occurred involving Konstantin Meladze. Under the wheels of his car, a 30-year-old resident of the village of Kozin, Kyiv region, Anna Pishchalo, died. A criminal case was initiated and it was established that the producer did everything possible to avoid an accident, that is, he had no criminal intent and, in fact, no corpus delicti, so the Kyiv prosecutor closed this case, and Meladze Sr. himself promised the family of the deceased to support her children: seven-year-old son Daniel and four-year-old daughter Sofiyka - until they reach adulthood.

This incident turned the life of a celebrity upside down. In a recent interview with OK! he said that he changed his outlook on many things. “For about a month I couldn’t do anything. And then he began to crawl into the studio anyway. Man is a spiritual being. Strength of mind is the main thing that distinguishes us from animals. Therefore, the strength of the spirit pulled me out after this terrible incident. I will also say something that I have never spoken about - about the attitude of the family of the deceased woman towards me. For me it was very important: what they think, whether they will understand me. These are amazing people who in all this time have never condemned me. They understood everything, sorted out the situation and thus, perhaps, helped me to survive in many ways. And although I don’t see them, they remain dear people to me. And there is not a day when I do not think about them. Every morning, waking up, I pray for them, for their he alth,” Konstantin admitted.

After this incident, in 2013, the producer divorced his wife, Yana Summ, with whom they had been together for 20 years. The couple has three children: two daughters Leah and Alice and son Valery. According to rumors, Konstantin's wife always suspected her ex-husband of a romantic relationship with singer Vera Brezhneva, but she did not find any confirmation.

And recently it became known that Meladze Sr. still married Vera Brezhneva. The lovers organized a wedding in Italy, in the city of Forte dei Marmi, but even there the paparazzi were able to take some photos of the newlyweds leaving the registry office. According to the latest data, Yana Summ forbids her children to communicate with their father's new wife, arguing that she does not want intimate conversations between her own heirs and the woman who destroyed their family.

The composer himself said that he does not want to talk about this topic with the press and does not understand those who put their feelings on public display. “We have a lot of famous people who do everything publicly, even going to the toilet, it seems to me, they go publicly. But over time, I notice this trend: at the end of life, these people go crazy, just become crazy. Due to the fact that I still want to keep my psyche in a more or less efficient state, I avoid this kind of publicity in every possible way, regardless of whether my life is successful, prosperous or not,”admitted in an interview with OK! Konstantin.

Also in 2013, the media reported that Valery Meladze left his family and began a relationship with the ex-soloist of the VIA Gra group Albina Dzhanabaeva, who moment was pregnant with the artist's second child. And recently, on the air of Channel One in the program Andrey Malakhov's "Tonight", the singer shared his feelings about his own children. He admitted that his daughters from his first marriage with his wife Irina refuse to communicate with his two sons from his actual wife Albina. According to the artist, his main task today is to establish family relations between his five heirs.

“My children cannot communicate with each other: the girls are on their own, and our boys with Albina are on their own, and this gap is in no way getting smaller. I could only become truly happy when I saw my children together. Unfortunately, I don't see that moment approaching yet. Although, in principle, I am a positive person,”Valery admitted in an interview with OK magazine!

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