10 types of men from your favorite cartoons

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10 types of men from your favorite cartoons
10 types of men from your favorite cartoons

Have you ever wondered why female characters in cartoons are so cardboard and the same? There are several versions, and one of them is because it is more understandable for children. But cartoon men - as if they were alive. Well, because it is also clearer for children: what is there not to understand, men are simple creatures, and any type can be found in films for the smallest. Your darling is probably there too.

What cartoon do you live with? 10 male characters from cartoons

Prince Adam, Beauty and the Beast

Gloomy type with a heavy character. Reticent and cold-blooded. A stern man, a patriarchal in the worst sense of the word. A woman should - period! She should take care of him, entertain him and not shine until the master deigns to call. After a while, the "master" realizes that without you he is even in a noose, and immediately mutates into a handsome prince. The question is, what was it to pretend to be the Beast? And this is simply because no one before you understood how this beast is trained. Correction for reality: more often than not, the Beast will not go anywhere in it.


A man organically incapable of distinguishing a fish knife from a dessert fork and tying a double Windsor knot. But he knows how to create a work of art out of three logs, an ax and such and such a mother, which he modestly calls “carousels for boogers”: well, children need to ride on something! And it doesn’t matter that you don’t have any children yet, but you just bought a plot and plan to build a summer cottage. Do the neighbors have children? Well, here it is. Let them ride. The Tarzan man is a natural child of the jungle: he will build you a house, equip a cellar in it and fill it with barrels of wine of his own making. Wine from raspberries, which he himself grew. And get a dog. Hunting. And this dog will one day bring you a hare. In general, learn to butcher carcasses, it will come in handy.

Peter Pan

Eternal boy, charismatic gouging and generally a monster. Do you know why everyone loves gouging? Because only with them we feel eternally young. Because it's fun, fervently with them, and in general: “Let's go to Altai today, dear? There, they say, they saw a yeti - we will find it!” You will soon learn how to saddle horses, drink moonshine and control an airship. Just because he also knows how, which means it will come in handy for you. Who knows where tomorrow will take you. Very likely to Antarctica, and you - hop! - and know how to flip penguins. Valuable frame! And if you have children - know that we are already jealous of them.

Emperor Kuzco, The Adventures of the Emperor

Ham, joker and that's it… Well, not a good word. You turned him down, that's for sure. Because you could not even think of such a thing: to meet a man whose physiognomy directly asks for a brick. Not in the sense that he is so ugly, but in the sense that - what the hell? Why the hell is he talking to you like that?! Hamit, familiarizes and dissolves his hands, a pig! And you yourself don’t understand how it happened, but this boor stands under your window with a ring in his teeth and asks you to become his wife. Because only you, it turns out, are able to somehow curb it. Look, he's thinking! Correction for reality: such hands will not stop dissolving.

Milo Tetch, Atlantis

If you tear the sysadmin away from the monitor, take off his sweater and peel off the glasses from his face, then a handsome prince will be revealed. Clever, humorous, kind-hearted and undercover superhero. He is so smart that you sometimes feel embarrassed to ask him questions. Just because you, by asking a simple question, run the risk of hearing something anecdotal: “Dad, how do you spell the number 8?” - "Like the sign of infinity, turned on pi in half." That's all he is.

Kokoum, Pocahontas

Oh. Scary as hell. Dark face, soul and thoughts. Well, in appearance. A terrible-looking monster grabbed the unfortunate child … Somehow you look like this from the outside. A gloomy type and a gentle fairy. Yes, even if you are quite an emancipe, next to him you turn into a delicate flower. Because he always knows what is right. Not good, not bad, but right. How to. As it should. And at the moment when a zombie apocalypse happens on earth, you will be safe - in a bunker with a set of cartridges, canned food, water and medicines. Because he knows what to do in any incomprehensible situation. But he doesn't talk about it. What about the meaning? Not according to his words, as they say, but according to his deeds - and so on. Correction for reality: sooner or later you will get sick of living under dictation.

David, Lilo & Stitch

I bet you kept him in the friend zone for at least a couple of years? And only later did they realize that he, it turns out, is so sensitive, so kind, so trouble-free, not because he is like that in himself, but because he has long and unrequitedly been in love. And you reciprocated, and then - a surprise! Turns out he is just like that. A friend of all animals, a defender of the humiliated and offended, and just a good guy. The same guy who, risking his life, saves a drowning raccoon, and then runs to the pharmacy for tampons that you forgot to buy. And neither one nor the other will be considered a feat. So what? That's life. Raccoons fall into waterways, children lose their toys, women break their heels in storm drains, and old people forget where they live. Who will help them all if not him?


Adventurer, player, artist. It is doubtful that you fell in love with him - rather, with one of his disguises. The one he usually uses to charm girls who want the weird. Quite strange. Isn't that what always attracted you to all sorts of rogues, charlatans and swindlers? Well, here it is. You got yourself a reference rogue. The bastard is so cunning that he even manages to pretend to be a rogue. Well, just to hide their romantic nature. He is rather timid and dreams of a princess. And here you are. Good luck to him!


Optimism is his middle name, you know. Your darling strives to see only the good in people, and when he is once again deceived, he sighs and says: “Well, this is nothing - a matter of life!” And instantly forgets about who offended him, about how it happened, and that he promised never to do that again. By the way, have a spare tray at home: he will definitely drag a bald cat into the house again and say: “He jumped at my feet, I just couldn’t get past!” And when you can’t get past the orphaned triplets, he will say: “Of course, we will adopt everyone! Why are you even asking?!" He's a demigod, yes.

Prince Naveen, The Princess and the Frog

Oh, he's not like everyone else. "No way" - this is nature, and purpose, and convictions. It's the second decade of the 21st century, and he still remembers Letov? This is Prince Nun. And it’s not that he directly loved Letov, it’s just that no one remembers Letov - not Tsoi, tea. You can screw in a conversation and pass for an avant-garde. Why is he doing this? Because he hasn't found himself yet. But sooner or later it will happen. And then you will stop sleeping at night, because he will leave to shoot a report in a hot spot. Or you will be forced to change your last name, because the authorities will begin to pursue him. But if you suddenly decide to open a quiet family cafe, you can focus on cheesecake recipes: he will definitely take care of the rest. Just because administrative issues are also a challenge. To him. And he will accept it, rest assured. Based on materials from cosmo.ru.

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