What to Watch: 10 Love Comedies You'll Definitely Love

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What to Watch: 10 Love Comedies You'll Definitely Love
What to Watch: 10 Love Comedies You'll Definitely Love

We are used to the fact that if a movie is about love, it is sure to be hard love: tears, snot, disappointment, death - that's all. But we have found the 10 best comedies about love that will cheer you up and make you believe once again that love does exist!

What to Watch: 10 Love Comedies You'll Definitely Love

Love and doves

Vasily lived and did not grieve. He had everything - a wife, three children and even pigeons. But here's the bad luck: Vasya was sent south to relax and drink cocktails in a bar. But the man went further and met Raisa Zakharovna, a woman with a natural hair color. And Vasya returned from the resort not to his own village, but to the house of Raisa Zakharovna. A new life for a man turned out to be completely different from what he once dreamed of. And he had to return to where he was already waiting. One of the best love comedies ever!

50 First Dates

Cute guy Henry has a rare luck: he meets the girl of his dreams and on the same day he manages to achieve mutual sympathy! True, there is one nuance in this story that almost ruined a great love - Lucy suffers from memory loss and the next morning after they met, she does not remember Henry. But the main character does not give up and decides to win Lucy's love every day, even if it takes a lifetime.

Bridget Jones' Diary

Bridget Jones finally decides to do what every second woman dreams of: lose weight, quit smoking, find a nice guy and not mess with just anyone. Namely: with alcoholics, workaholics, with those who are afraid of serious relationships, suffer from erotomania or megalomania, and with moral monsters. And finally, the main thing is not to dream of a person who has all these virtues. And she does it according to all the rules - Bridget begins to keep a diary, where she writes down all her successes on the way to a new life.

Moonlight Magic

1928. A young and beautiful girl, supposedly able to call the souls of dead people, was able to charm a rich heir and his widow mother (and this is very difficult!). Naturally, this does not suit other family members. Therefore, a talented illusionist comes to the Cote d'Azur in order to expose a young charlatan.

The Naked Truth

He is a rising star of the TV show, and his life credo is "sex, drugs and rock and roll", he does not recognize gender equality at all. In general, a real macho. She is impregnable, demanding and perfect in everything. The result is a hilarious comedy with below the belt jokes, but incredibly funny.

Four weddings and one funeral

32-year-old British intellectual Charles gets very tense every time the prospect of a wedding looms on the horizon. But at the next wedding ceremony of his friend, he meets the American Carrie, and immediately his defensive strategy gives a fatal crack.

How to steal a million

Paris. A girl, the daughter of an art forgery millionaire, and a criminal must steal one of the girl's father's "masterpieces" from an art exhibition in a museum in order to save him from exposure. A beautiful comedy about love.

The Laws of Attraction

Two successful divorce lawyers, Daniel Rafferty and Audrey Woods, often find themselves on opposite sides of the barricades when representing their clients. But meetings in the courtroom and beyond lead to a natural outcome - they are waiting for a new date in court, but this time they will have to take the place of their clients…

Children are not a hindrance to sex

Jason and Julie decide to have a baby but remain nothing more than good friends. Ten minutes of sex, nine months of waiting and - hooray! - the child is ready. And Jason is already hitting on a gorgeous brunette, and Julie is dating a brutal German. But is it true that children are not a hindrance to sex?

Bruce Almighty

Can you make another person love you? And if you try with God's power? Bruce Nolan had such an opportunity: for all his prayers and discontent, God heard him and gives Bruce the right to use all magical power to make life better.

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