Oh, don't ask! 10 questions you shouldn't ask a man

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Oh, don't ask! 10 questions you shouldn't ask a man
Oh, don't ask! 10 questions you shouldn't ask a man

"Which shoes should I wear - white or black? How black? The whites are more suitable for the dress, and besides, the black ones have such an uncomfortable heel! No matter how many such situations are ridiculed in comedies, we continue to torment our betrothed with stupid questions. For example, like this…

Oh, don't ask! 10 questions you shouldn't ask a man

1. "Do you think I should cut my hair?" If you just cut your hair a little, he won't notice. And if you start asking - what should he, the poor fellow, do? He will answer “yes” - you will be offended (“How, do you not like my hairstyle?”). He will say “no” - you will pout that he did not let you express yourself. Or you still get a haircut, and he will have the feeling that you don’t put a penny on his opinion. In general, an explosive and wrong question for a man.

2. "What should I wear - a dress or a skirt with a blouse?" Anyway, in the end you choose yourself. He will be angry: why did you ask?

3. "Don't you notice anything new?" Do you want to give him a heart attack? Well, how does he know what you came up with this time, unless you dyed your blond hair bright crimson and put a ring with a bell in your nose. Plucked eyebrows, honestly, are not worth this amount of nerve cells.

4. "And if you could sleep with Angelina Jolie, would you sleep with her?" Uh huh. "Well, of course not, honey, I want to go down in history as the guy who blew this chance." Wrong question.

5. "Are you coming to my mom's birthday party?" As if he can't go. Don't tease him with the illusion that he has a choice. This question is improper. Just tell me when and what time.

6. Nothing about your weight. You have a scale and a tape measure for that. If he says that everything is fine, you will not believe it and think that he is comforting you. If, God forbid, he criticizes… Oh no, I don’t even want to think about it.

7. "Did your ex do it better?" Hmm. “What are you, honey, what kind of ex? Yes, I forgot everyone a long time ago, as soon as you appeared in my life. And to be honest, are you really ready to hear the answer? In general, this is something that should not be asked.

8. "Did you like it?" No, he's shaking with disgust, that's why he lies next to him, happy as a cat, except perhaps purring.

9. "What are you thinking about?" Nothing worth hearing about, trust me.

10. "Can I have a serious talk with you?" Ahh! This is the most terrible question of all times and peoples. It doesn't matter who asks it: partner, boss, friend - or suddenly the postman rang the doorbell and asked. These words do not bode well: this is obviously a prelude to something unpleasant. Do you want to finally finish him off and make him spend the whole day in a cold sweat? Add: "Later".

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