The guy found out that he was missing for 13 years

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The guy found out that he was missing for 13 years
The guy found out that he was missing for 13 years

Sometimes family secrets come out years later

18-year-old student finds himself listed as missing child

Within one week, the life of a young man completely changed: his father was arrested, he met his own mother and discovered that he had lived under an assumed name for 13 years.

It all started with the usual application of a student for a scholarship. The guy studied well in college and could count on a scholarship from an educational institution. When he applied, a college employee discovered that his social security number did not pass through any database. A meticulous social worker turned to the FBI, and agents of the bureau initiated an investigation.

Here's what happened.

13 years ago, the father of Julian Hernandez (real name of the student) took his 5-year-old son from his mother, withdrew all the money from bank accounts and left with the child several thousand kilometers to another state. There, the father bought fake documents for the new name of the son and … And they lived for so many years until everything was accidentally discovered.

Julian himself said that he always knew that his father took him away from his mother, but he never really worried about this. His parents were not officially married, but simply lived together. There were disagreements in the family, and at some point, Julian's mother took drastic measures. One fine day, Bobby, his father, was picking up his son from kindergarten when he received a mobile call from the local judge's office.

"Mr. Hernandez? You are obliged to immediately return the child to the mother and a court order has been issued in your name forbidding you to approach your common-law wife and child.”

Bobby Hernandez loved his son and was also a determined man. Without stopping home, he dropped into the bank, withdrew all the money from the account, refueled the car and drove far north with his beloved son. At the same time, he honestly explained to the boy: “Mom decided that we would never see each other again, but I don’t agree with that.”

As Julian Hernandez said in an interview with USA Today: “All these years my father took care of me, and I always felt his love. If it were not for the patience and perseverance in my upbringing, I would not have achieved such success in my studies. I do not blame him for what he did then, and I do not stop loving him, even knowing that he broke the law. After all, he did it for me.”

Julian's mother, answering correspondents' questions about how their relationship will develop now, answered: “My son is an adult, and also very smart and sensitive. I think he will be able to decide how we will communicate, given everything that has happened. It won't be easy, I guess, but I'm ready for whatever happens."

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