Britney Spears was surprised by her thinness

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Britney Spears was surprised by her thinness
Britney Spears was surprised by her thinness

Britney Spears fans were surprised to notice that the singer lost weight beyond recognition.

Britney Spears surprised with her thinness

Singer Britney Spears experienced a personal and creative crisis several years ago, followed by the disappointment of a huge number of her fans. The star stopped pursuing a career and taking care of herself. Britney's ex-husband terminated her parental rights due to her addiction to alcohol and drugs. The artist recovered greatly and, under the influence of another impulsive impulse, shaved her head.

To regain her former popularity, Britney had to take life into her own hands. So, the artist began to record new songs, took care of herself and launched a tour. After several years of painstaking work on herself, Spears was able to convince the public that she had overcome depression.

The singer's fans rejoiced at her every achievement, and most recently, the paparazzi captured Spears leaving the store with purchases. Surprising in these pictures was how much the star lost weight. Earlier, the media reported that Britney began to actively fight overweight in order to regain her former shape and prove to the public that it was too early to write her off. Apparently, Britney succeeded. In the photographs, she is dressed in a loose-fitting gray jacket, but despite this, it is clear how the favorite of millions has incredibly built.

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